20 Best Ig Story Ideas

20 Best Ig Story Ideas

Want to know something? There’s no better way for a freelancer than to get started with Instagram Story ! In a few minutes, presto , you reinforce the recognition of your brand and it allows you to experiment with different marketing strategies for free. Instagram Stories are more popular than ever… More than 70% of Instagram users watch Stories daily and video consumption on mobile is doubling year on year. This means that if you’re not creating stories yet, you’ll have to get started. Check out the 20 best Ig Story ideas for your business account.

Instagram (Ig) Story ideas: how to think outside the box?

Social networks have become a very visual and dynamic platform.

The days when Instagram was just a photo sharing platform are long gone!

With the ever-changing climate of digital marketing and social media, relying on static posts isn’t enough to keep your brand fresh and competitive. 


Instagram Story, a feature that lets you post photos or videos for just 24 hours, can transform your digital presence with its creative versatility and interactive assets.

What if we told you that Instagram has over 500 million daily users worldwide and its Stories feature engages over 400 million of those users every day – does that ring a bell?

Today, every great story deserves a strong visual element! 

Therefore, you need to think outside the box when it comes to your social media content, if you want to reach your audience. 

Here are some Ig Story ideas to get you started…

20 creative Instagram story ideas

Despite its great ease of use, choosing the right Instagram Story for your business account can seem quite tedious at times. 

That’s why we decided to compile a list of proven Instagram Ig Story ideas to boost your followers and stop you from burning out in your race for new inspirations…

Ready to publish?

1. Answer the questions

Mark engagement by asking your audience questions about your business. 

Honestly, you can ask whatever you want… 

Post a photo or video with a question sticker – something like:

“Ask me anything!” »… 

This way, your audience can interact with your Instagram Story and you can assert yourself as an authority on your topic.

Go even further by creating a story that includes all the answers and save it in your Instagram Highlights Stories.

2. Ask questions

If you’re looking for consumer feedback on a product or service you market, asking your audience questions is equally viable Instagram story ideas.

Add a “ Questions ” sticker to your Stories where your audience can submit their answers.

If you’re running out of ideas for your Instagram posts, asking questions is a great way to decide what content to post next. 

Boosting engagement and giving people what they want… It’s a win-win!

Speaking of engagement… Would you like to know how to calculate your Instagram engagement rate? It’s over here!

3. Do polls and quizzes

If you want to guide your audience, try doing a poll or quiz instead of asking an open-ended question. 

Stickers can really help you!

Engage your subscribers with a multiple choice answer, it allows them to engage with your message by clicking a button rather than typing an answer. 

A slippery reaction is just as simple and effective when you post something worth buzzing about… 

Yes, yes, even for cupcakes in the shape of… Poop!

4. Share your location

Get found on Instagram by adding a location sticker! 

This will allow the surrounding people to “fall” on you. 

Basically, whenever you think it’s appropriate to share your location, do it! 

5. Post quotes

The quotes are short, precise and above all shareable. 

Regularly share motivating, interesting, inspiring, funny and relevant quotes… related to your activity!

Find a quote you like, and make sure it fits your brand, then copy and paste it into your Instagram Story.

Want something catchy?

Do you need ideas to increase your visibility and engagement on Instagram?

6. Promote a product

Promoting your product or service via an Instagram Story is a surefire way to generate buzz and increase your brand visibility. 

Indeed, it allows you to market your product or service to your subscribers without having to pay a dollar for advertisements.

Use product stickers to drive your audience to a shopping page. 

And presto, voila!

It’s important to note that product stickers are only available to approved businesses on Instagram. 

7. Create a countdown

The countdown, everyone loves!:

  • a launch
  • a sale
  • New Year’s Eve
  • a special day like Black Friday or Christmas
  • your latest offer or product…

Use a countdown sticker on your story to instantly increase excitement in your audience. 


8. Promote a live event

If you’re streaming an Instagram Live event, get free publicity by posting a promo on your Instagram Story. 

It’s a great way to keep your followers up to date and generate views on your Instagram Live. 

You can also post follow-up questions, asking your followers what they would like to see on the next live.

9. Promote your blog posts

Show off your latest blog posts by posting eye-catching promotional images in Story!

You can also shell out a few bucks to run it as a targeted ad and get more leads (and hopefully more subscribers!)

10. Features Other Accounts

If you share a similar audience demographic with another brand on Instagram, try to grow your community by featuring that brand. 

If you can cross-promote with the other brand, then you will ALL win (you, the brand, and your audience).


  • another awesome product is presented to your audience
  • the other brand gets more exposure
  • your brand is featured on their account

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11. Celebrate your victories (big and small)

Everyone loves success stories…

It can be as simple as posting video testimonials from your clients or using Instagram Stories as a platform to post cool little anecdotes or celebrate your wins. 

12. Hold a contest

Contests are some of the best Instagram Ig Story ideas and they’re a great way to boost engagement! 

Ask your followers to comment on your Story, post their own Story by tagging your account, or like your most recent post. 

Be sure to keep an eye on your notifications and pick a winner within 24 hours.

Know that there are apps that can pick a winner for you. 

You can record your screen while using these winner-determining apps and share the video as a Story (and of course… tag the winner!).

13. Show behind the scenes

Everyone likes to peek behind the curtain… Don’t you?

So, show your followers:

  • How do you make your product
  • What does your workspace look like
  • What is your creative process…

Put the “social” side forward and publish videos of you and/or your team behind the scenes of your business! 

14. Put your customers in the spotlight

Put your customers in the spotlight to attract more prospects to buy into your brand. 

This can include testimonials about how your business, product or service has changed their lives. 

Or, to thank the customers who have supported you for a long time.

15. Make offers and discounts

You can also use the 24-hour lifespan of Instagram Stories to your advantage by offering exclusive, time-limited offers on your Story. 

This will increase views and increase your subscriber count because people won’t want to miss out on deals they can’t get anywhere else. 

Yes… Rarity sells!

16. Start a content series

If you have an idea for a content series, Instagram Stories is the perfect outlet! 

It could be anything from a series of recipes to a step-by-step tutorial related to your business, or just about anything else. 

Think about what you would like to see on accounts like yours…

Whatever your content, making it episodic will help you get more engagement over time. 

For Prosperity, add your featured content series to your Instagram page so all that hard work can be seen beyond 24 hours.

17. Create your own hashtag

Hashtags can skyrocket the popularity of social media accounts. 

Hashtags, contests and… your engagement rate explodes!

Use a short, catchy and memorable hashtag – and use an Instagram Story to spread the word.

18. Do Live

First, Instagram gives preferential treatment to live streams.

Second, you can interact with your audience directly. 

Third, your subscribers are notified as soon as you go live.

All of your audience’s likes and comments are displayed in real time for you to respond to.

An added bonus is that you can then turn your live video into an IGTV video, for those who missed it. 

If you’re stuck, most of the Ig Story ideas we’ve outlined above could easily serve as a Live video.

19. Recycle Old Content

No inspiration today?

Know that anything you create elsewhere can be repackaged into an engaging Story for your Instagram audience, and it only takes seconds.

You can already start by making a story that presents your last post with the “reshare” sticker.

20. Show off your skills

Chances are you’re pretty good at what you do, so create Instagram Stories that affirm you as an authority in your field. 

Whether it’s making great sandwiches, unclogging the most stubborn pipes, or any other problem your business solves… 

Let your audience know – and they’ll be more likely to:

  • engage with you
  • follow your page
  • buy your products or services
  • talk about your brand or your company around him
  • share your content…

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Top Tips for Top Instagram Stories Content

Instagram is always trying new things: new stickers, new features, new technology… 

This means that every time they release something, they want as many people as possible to try it. 

So keep an eye out for new features!

Let’s be great!

And if not, you got it…

Instagram Stories only last 24 hours, so users expect to see authentic and personal content. 

Record your videos focusing on this point and trying to create as much emotion as possible!

Because hashtags are essential for your Instagram Stories to be seen by people who don’t follow you yet. 

If there’s a hashtag your potential audience can interact with, be sure to add it as a sticker. 

Know that each of these Instagram Story ideas can come to life in minutes with our super smart and interactive editorial calendar!

So, boost your Instagram posts right now and engage your followers with cute templates ready to be edited! 

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