Day: January 17, 2022

RFID Technology for Retail

New Zealand’s Tarras Cherry Corp is using RFID technology to increase their productivity. The company uses a software called Dataphyll Grow to ensure that their pickers are paid for the exact kilogram of cherries they pick. “We don’t want our pickers to be shortchanged,” said Ross Kirk, the company’s orchard and project manager. With the […]

Evoking the minds of news journalists

In the past, many journalists resorted to emotional tactics to get readers’ attention. These days, however, the use of emotional tactics is increasing, largely due to economic factors.  The competition for reader attention is fiercer than ever, and the internet is a constant source of distraction. So, what works to capture readers’ attention? The tried-and-tested […]

7 Reasons Why Packaging Is Crucial for Vape Cartridges

Custom packaging boxes have been reinforcing vape beholders. Packaging has convinced vape companies that it plays a key role to attract consumers. A great number of people are now shifting from traditional cigarette smoking to vaping, especially young people.  The buyers unknowingly go for those products that inspire their interest. That inspiration highly depends upon […]

9 Best Interactive Facebook Posts Ideas

Is your Facebook business runner feeling a little slow? Are your druggies ignoring your posts or failing to interact? If so, it’s time for you to expand your Facebook content strategy to include fun and engaging interactive Facebook posts.  Facebook marketing has become a foundational part of every marketer’s content strategy. A business Facebook runner […]

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