Day: June 24, 2022

How Is VR Transforming Retail?

Being still new on the market, VR in retail has already attracted a great deal of attention, allowing users to enjoy a digital, real-time retail experience.  According  to a report (, technologies like VR in retail have so much to offer that an estimated additional sales growth of US$66 billion is expected with just a […]

Why Sleep Is Important to Weight Loss

While there is no debating the “calories in versus calories out” equation we hear so often when trying to lose weight, there’s actually a whole lot more to the picture. The ability to feel hungry, full, or motivated (to work out) can all be strongly influenced by non-diet-related factors involving hormonal and/or neurological shifts. This […]

How Azure Cloud Migration Helps to Overcome Challenges Associated with Cloud Migration

Migration to the cloud is the go-to strategy followed by organizations of all sizes. Organizations consider cloud migration as a top priority to fulfill their aim of an all-around digital transformation of operations.  However, not all cloud services yield the desired results. Most of the cloud services fall short of addressing application transition challenges. Even […]

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