9 O’clock Plant – Plant Care & Benefits

9 O’clock Plant

9 O’clock Plant is an annual growing plant most ordinarily found in the US and is 1 foot tall of Brazilian origin which grows during the tropical climate , because it needs warm and dry zones it’s most suited plant in the coastal areas.

9 O’Clock plants don’t bloom on cloudy days or if kept under the shade.

This plant stores water in its small leaves to survive in hot and dry conditions. This property of this plant makes it grow well in rocky terrain.

The 9 O’clock Plant can also be cultivated easily in hanging baskets.

  • Scientific name: Portulaca grandiflora
  • Kingdom Name: Plantae
  • Family Name: Portulacaceae
  • Order Name: Caryophyllales
  • Genus Name: Portulaca
  • Species Name: P. grandiflora

Portulaca grandiflora

Some other names of Portulaca grandiflora given below:

  • Common Portulaca
  • Moss Rose
  • Sun Moss
  • Sun Rose
  • Flowering Purslane
  • 9 O’clock 

9 O’clock Plant Benefits

Pink 9 O'clock Plant
  • The 9 O’clock Plant is also referred to as a depurative plant because it is very useful to get rid of toxins and other waste products from the body of organisms. It is a blood purifier and for other bodily fluids working as a diaphoretic and blood purifier.
  • This whole plant has medical and medicinal benefits. It’s very beneficial to treat diseases like cirrhosis of the liver with ascites, pain,  hepatitis and pharynx swelling. The plant juice is employed as a lotion and used for snake and insect bites. It is also used for treating burns and eczema.
  • Both the seeds and the leaves of the plant are often consumed either in its fresh form or cooked form. The 9 O’clock Plant roots are also consumed, but only in its cooked form.
  • The leaves or seeds can often be dried and transformed into a powder which may be added to soups, cereals, dough etc.
  • The Chinese believe this plant is used for the treatment of tumors.
  • The Thai believe that the plant has many unique qualities which will treat sore throats and skin rashes.

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9 O’clock Plant Interesting Facts

Orange 9 O'clock Plant

Portulaca grandiflora comes from the Latin word meaning “little gate” because the seed capsule seems to open like a gate.

  • There are a number of superstitious beliefs surrounding this plant. Some have their belief on the leaves of this plant that if the leaves of this plant are kept on the pillow of a toddler, it drives away the evil spirits.
  • Others believe that if an ornament is made out like a necklace of flowers, it is very helpful in curing diseases like muscle spasms.
  • This plant acts as a beautiful ground cover because it grows upto only a foot.
  • The 9 O’clock plant flowers have many various colours like pink to red, and orange to yellow. Today more different colours in pastel shades have begun: apricot, cream and white.

Scientific Study

Research was done on phytoremediation potential . The phytotoxicity research showed the reduction of toxicity because various metabolites are produced after the plant dye degradation.

Bottom Line

This is a gorgeous ornamental plant which is cultivated during the starting month of the year and can bloom beautifully till November. Looking at these ornamental and healthy benefits it should be planted by everyone.

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