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Alien Tape

What is Alien Tape?

Alien tape is a double-sided, transparent, and reusable type of tape specially designed to work on different surfaces on which no other kind of tape really works. It is unique in its own form because, unlike others, it does not leave any sticky residue behind once used. 

In addition to that, this alien tape can be re-used many times unless it losses its stickiness. Moreover, it is beneficial to stick two objects or broken pieces together. Furthermore, it can be used everywhere, irrespective of wet weather conditions, both indoor and outdoor.

Common surfaces on which anyone can apply an alien tape 

This powerful adhesive featured tape is mainly designed to work on various surfaces, some of which include the following: 

  1. Wood
  2. Brick
  3. Stone
  4. Tile
  5. Glass etc.

Besides these, this tape can remarkably hold any materials without leaving any residue or sign. Also, it can stay active in extreme weather conditions. Moreover, since it is waterproof, it is very well known for being the best adhesive tape for leaking pipes. 

Alien Tape Specifications

This unique tape’s pressure-sensitive adhesive feature technology helps it permanently stick broken items. As per alien tape reviews, it is more potent as no other tapes can hold objects in rough weather conditions.

Some of its key specifications include the following: 

  1. It holds the objects permanently.
  2. Users can fix everything from leaking pipes to air pressures with its help.
  3. No residue is left behind while providing strong adhesiveness.
  4. This exceptional duct tape is waterproof and UV stable.
  5. Standard dimensions are 48mm by 20mm, made up of polythene material.

Significant Features of Alien Tape

Like any other duct tape, using this unique tape is easy and simple. However, its extraordinary features make it attractive to use. Some of the significant features of alien tape are briefed below.

  1. Clear

It is transparent and clear, which means it is highly invisible to people looking at objects or surfaces on which it is used.

  1. Quantity

Three different roles are clubbed in one set. Each roll is equal to 21 feet which is enough to create hundreds of bonds between various surfaces.

  1. Multiple tasks

This alien tape can combine multiple pieces of the object so that it does not seem that these were separate objects. It may also support objects that withstand a pressure of much heavier than 17.5 pounds.

  1. Waterproof and weather-resistant

Alien tape reviews suggest that it can be used in indoor and outdoor areas highly exposed to water, such as the bathroom or kitchen. In addition to that, it is excellently designed to withstand heat and humidity in the summer and snowy winters.

  1. Reusable

Its effectiveness is the same as for the very first time, even when used for the seventh time. Just remember to rinse it off in the sink and let it dry before applying it to a whole new surface. 

  1. Slim smart piece

A user of this alien tape won’t have to cut down its width if he needs to fit some tape into a narrow space. On the other hand, multiple pieces of the same width can be used to tape up a wider surface.

  1. Durable

Unlike other duct tapes, it is not perishable, i.e., its stickiness remains alive even if not used for a long time. It is enough to hold the pressure of up to 17.5 pounds of weight without ripping.

How to use Alien tape?

It is effortless to use, just like any other duct tape. Users have to 

  1. Firstly, unpack the product from the packaging
  2. Wrap it up on the material that you wish to hold or combine.
  3. Ensure that its adhesiveness can hold broken material for a long time

Step by step usage of alien tape if given below:

Step1: Applying tape

First of all, select two surfaces that you want to bond together. These may include stationary surfaces like walls or floors and free-floating objects like paper or cardboard. After selection, apply a piece of tape while the tape’s still on the roll and cut it forward. 

Step2: Creation of bond

In order to create a bond, keep the piece of tape stuck to the surface and affix the second object that you have chosen to join on the other side. After that, press and hold down the applied tape for a few seconds to strengthen the bond between two surfaces, and at last, remove your fingers.

Step3: Use bonded surfaces normally

To further enhance and strengthen the adhesiveness of alien tape, users should apply this tape on the surfaces that have bonded together as they usually are bonded previously, so the risk of damage decreases. Additionally, use more pieces of tape to create a stronger bond, especially if the surface area is large.

Benefits of Alien Tape

After so many positive alien tape reviews, we have concluded that people can have the following benefits from this tape. 

  1. It is a strong adhesive tape that holds up broken objects firmly.
  2. It always provides a neat and clean look which gives a polished shape creating no mess on the surface.
  3. It is the best fit for all materials, including woods, tiles, glass, polythene, and many more.
  4. Since it is waterproof, it can be used for outdoor purposes also.
  5. Its UV stability makes it perfect because even sun rays won’t affect the tape.
  6. Its adhesiveness does not lose, so the user does not have to worry about looking after the material repeatedly.
  7. Its price is pocket friendly, so affordable to every customer.
  8. This alien tape can survive in weather conditions so that anyone can use it for DIY purposes as well.

Why should anyone buy an alien tape?

Since it is waterproof, it is one of the best solutions for leaking pipes. Once it is applied, the user won’t need to worry about sticking it again and again. Some of the other positives from this exceptional tape include the following:

  1. Ideal for children’s toys

If any child has broken their toys, their parents can easily combine them again by creating a solid bond between the surface of two broken toy pieces. 

  1. Used as double-sided 

This sticky tape can literally tape the dish or plate to the table or hang items on the wall to avoid falling on the floor. Moreover, you can also use it to make discreet repairs quickly. 

  1. Hang items hole-free

Using this tape can help hang various pictures, racks, and hooks around your home, avoiding the need for any drilling holes. Thus, you can hang almost anything on a wall, door, or cabinet with the help of an alien tape. 

  1. Suctioning power

One may not need to worry about the tape being exposed to water because it won’t lose its suctioning power even when it gets wet. Also, it will not leave any residue behind a hanging item. 

  1. Keeps furniture in place

This tape is also significantly beneficial when you want your furniture like a chair or table not to slide over your living room, kitchen, and office. If you stick a small piece of double-sided tape, it will significantly prevent such items from slipping.

Alien Tape Reviews

Michael’s review

I ordered this alien tape from an online delivery application a few months ago. It is such a fantastic tape that I have placed another order of three more tapes for my family and friends. After using it, I concluded that such rare pieces should always be kept in stock, even while traveling. Unlike other local duct tapes, it is of outstanding quality, and I found it at a very reasonable price.

Brian’s review

I was pretty lucky to use it because initially, I was not sure if this tape would ever work on my ease or not. However, it proved outstanding. Its adhesive effects helped me firmly hold on to my fixed things for a long time. I have tried this sticky tape on various materials like wood, glass, floor, etc. All of them have just stuck permanently finely. Once you start using it, there is no way of going back and using any other duct tape.

Henry’s reviews

I bought it after convincing from positive customer alien tape reviews. I was thankful after using it because it worked for a long duration besides its affordable price. I recommend others to buy it without having any second thought.

Jimmy’s reviews

I am involved in day-to-day mechanical things, so I have never found any better tape than this tremendous alien tape. My entire project was saved because of this tape. Currently, it has become one of the essential parts of my university projects primarily because its holding power is so good and unmatchable. 

Noah’s reviews

The exceptional alien tape sticks to almost everything. I had ordered this tape to hold the wooden plank to my cupboard. Even after placing so many things on it, the wooden plank has never fallen. Then I found the quality of this tape above excellent. Moreover, in my opinion, this tape comes in super-handy, which is good news for those who do not know how to fix broken items often.

What is the cost of alien tape?

The cost of alien tape is pocket friendly for many users. It costs just $19.99 per roll of tape, and its shipping is free from many online delivery applications. You may even find this tape at the sale or discounted prices on 

  1. Daraz
  2. Amazon
  3. E-bay, and many more.

Furthermore, unlike many other local tapes that are non-reusable and need to be replaced or left soon, alien tape reviews show that its nature is reusable without needing to be replaced often. Moreover, reusable means that you can transfer it to a new site if you no longer need it in a particular location.

Final Verdict/Conclusion

Strong adhesive tapes are hard to find, but the alien tape is one of the rarest budget-friendly strong sticky tapes that significantly allows you to fix broken things for a long time. In addition to that, the alien tape reviews and specifications provide an affirmative call to buy this tape.

We are sure that once you prefer this tape over other local duct tapes, you will surely love it. It will be beneficial to you for creating strong bonds between broken items. 

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