Are pool rollers needed? Why?

For those who always have a pool cover and want their pools clean and sparking for days on end they already know the value of pool rollers Sydney and for those that are planning to have pool rollers installed, here are some reasons why pool owners gain maximum benefits from their pool rollers.

  • Pool rollers are simple and easy to maintain.
  • It saves on pool reheating costs by efficiently retaining pool heat.
  • Pool rollers protect swimming pool water from contamination by preventing outside dirt and debris from falling, greatly reducing cleaning costs.
  • It helps reduce pool running costs by protecting the swimming pool from algae growth caused by sunlight when not in use, greatly reducing chemical and cleaning expenses. 

Pool rollers make it easy to put on and take off pool covers. Whether manually operated or automatic pool rollers are used, removing a pool cover is accomplished usually in under a minute. Without pool rollers, uncovering pool covers generally takes 10-20 minutes or even more depending on the pool cover size, along with the heavy and tedious job of folding and storing heavy and wet swimming pool covers.

So why pool rollers?

Pool rollers reduced wear and tear on swimming pool covers- Pool rollers evenly distribute the weight of wet pool covers when removing greatly reducing the chances of swimming pool covers tearing from uneven pulling. Pool rollers also neatly roll wet and heavy pool covers up making them easy to store when not in use. Without pool rollers, pool covers risk tearing, scraping, and stretching on obstacles within the poolside area.

The commonly available types of pool rollers in the market are:

  • Manually-operated pool rollers.
  • Automatic pool rollers.

Although both are available in both inexpensive and expensive versions manually-operated pool rollers are generally much lower priced in the market over comparable sized automatic pool rollers. Also, it is important for pool owners that pool rollers take up precious poolside space and it is critical to decide whether pool rollers are worth purchasing as pool rollers that do not fit are not practical.

For swimming pool areas that have very limited pool cover storage places, another pool roller option is the hidden or below-ground pool rollers. These types of pool rollers are recessed into the ground at a poolside area and result in an unobstructed and trip-free poolside area.  Another advantage of hidden manual or automatic pool rollers is those above-ground pool rollers may not match the aesthetics of a poolside area and by having pool rollers that are hidden the beautiful landscape views of a poolside area are maintained.

Why swimming pool owners should have pool rollers?

The benefits of having pool covers are well known among long-time pool owners as pool covers also recognize that heavy pool covers are a chore to put on and take off without using pool rollers.

Pool rollers make using swimming pools much easier and more enjoyable.

Removing and storing pool covers can be hard when it comes time to remove them, especially on large swimming pools as they can be made from heavy-grade plastic and probably a soaking wet thermal swimming pool cover which effectively doubles its weight. Pool rollers make removing and putting on swimming pool covers easy and effort-free. Pool rollers make preparing a swimming pool for use enjoyable and trouble-free. 

Pool rollers protect pool covers from tearing due to undue stretching and creasing.

Without using pool rollers, swimming pool covers can get dragged and torn over rough poolside areas and even snagged on obstructions causing unnecessary stretching and sagging. Pool rollers effectively remove the risks of accidentally causing expensive pool cover damage.

Pool rollers are a good and cost-effective investment.

Swimming pool owners are encouraged to use their pool covers when they have swimming pool rollers installed at their poolside area. With less effort putting on and taking off pool covers they are more encouraged to cover their swimming pools more when it is not in use effectively reducing their cleaning, reheating, and other regular swimming pool expenses.

Manual pool rollers are the most inexpensive and commonly used pool roller. They are made from either stainless steel or heavy-duty aluminum and come generally equipped with a telescoping central pole that makes them easy to adjust for any pool width. They are generally equipped with geared hand-cranks that make it effortless to put on or take off any size and type of swimming pool cover. Manual pool rollers are also widely available with static or fixed mounts or easily storable, wheeled units.

  • The common advantages and disadvantages of manual pool rollers- Manual pool rollers are inexpensive and widely available. They are easy to install and use but can be bulky and takes up valuable poolside areas or storage spaces.

While automatic pool rollers, while sharing the basic mechanical design of manual pool rollers, are equipped with heavy-duty reeling motors that perform all the hard tasks of manual pool rollers. Some automatic pool rollers can also be equipped with a manual hand crank in the event of power failures or motor damage.

Three types of pool rollers are generally available, electric-powered, solar-powered, and water-powered which uses water pressure to turn gears that move swimming pool covers.

  • The common advantages and disadvantages of automatic pool rollers- they are simple and effortless to use with no manual cranking involved, more expensive than manual pool rollers, possibly bulky and not cost-effective utility-wise, and require additional electrical wiring around a poolside area. 

For swimming pool owners more concerned about poolside aesthetics over acquisition budgets, hidden pool rollers can be the ideal solution for putting on or taking off pool covers. Its roller unit, whether manual or automatic, are hidden in a compartment below pool deck height that makes a poolside area obstruction-free with more space for people to enjoy using their swimming pool.

  • The common advantages and disadvantages of hidden pool rollers- hidden pool rollers are aesthetically pleasing and do not create unsightly views to poolside landscapes but they can be expensive as they require specialist installation and additional track systems.

And above-ground pool rollers are generally the free-standing and height-adjustable types using drop-in pins to secure them to the pool deck area. They also are available in manual or automatically operated versions.

Pool rollers make covering and uncovering swimming pools easier and trouble-free and are the ideal option for pool owners to get the most enjoyment and use of their swimming pools.

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