Author: Alison

What Application Integrations Should I Investigate?

The best application integrations for your business will vary depending on the business processes you are looking to automate. However, some standard application integrations that can be very helpful for companies include integrating your CRM system with your marketing automation system, your ERP system with your eCommerce platform, and your HR system with your payroll […]

How to Cast HBO Max Chromecast in Canada

Today’s hectic schedules often make people rely on movies, television series, online games, etc., to find their share of entertainment. Streaming networks have become an essential part of entertainment for most people worldwide. People choose them to pass their free time over other activities because of their accessibility and availability.  Social sites have now allowed […]

Advantages of Science Baked CBD Oil

When applied topically or consumed through smoke inhalation, CBD interacts with neuro receptors in the endocannabinoid system to send signals between cells. This can help regulate movement and mood; it also regulates homeostasis (the internal balance) by way of its interaction within one’s environment – whether that is physical environmental factors like temperature changes or […]

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