Costco Pharmacy Phone Number

If you are ill, Costco Pharmacy might be the best for you to go for your illness. 

Costco Pharmacy is one of the departments of Costco Wholesale Retailer Company, which is also known as Costco. 

Suppose you are going to be a customer of Costco Pharmacy. In that case, you must be aware of its operating hours and services. 

Another important information is its phone number or contact information to communicate with them. 

Here you will find the information about how you can contact them.

Costco Pharmacy Contact Info

  • You can call them if you want to talk to them directly. 

Call at: 1-800-607-6861

                                                              Seattle, WA 98124

Other than this, you can reach them through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

Costco Pharmacy Customer Care Operating Hours

If you have any questions or need help with their services or medicines, you can communicate with them by calling them or 

Costco Customer service is available for their customers from 5:00 AM to 7:00 PM PT on weekdays (Monday to Friday). 

On Saturday, they reduced the customer operating hours. They work between 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM on Saturday. 

Sunday is their weekend, so they remain closed on this day. 

Days Opening HoursClosing Hours
Monday 5:00 AM7:00 PM PT 
Tuesday 5:00 AM7:00 PM PT 
Wednesday 5:00 AM7:00 PM PT 
Thursday 5:00 AM7:00 PM PT 
Friday 5:00 AM7:00 PM PT 
Saturday 9:30 AM2:00 PM

If you need any assistance from them or have some inquiries, you can call between the timing mentioned above. 

The customer service department is always ready to solve your problem regarding any medicine or other services.

For additional assistance, you can visit their help centre.

The above-mentioned customer service hours may vary over time.  


Costco provides unique and customized pharmacy services to its customers.

It promises to provide its members with the highest quality goods and services at the lowest possible prices.

Look at their services-

  • Medicare Plan Finder: Costco has partnered with eHealth to make signing up or changing your Medicare Prescription Drug coverage easier. 
  • Language Translate Service: Customers whose primary language is not English can have a language assistance service in Costco To communicate with them. 
  • Computerized Patient Profiles: Costco pharmacy keeps electrical records of all your prescription. It will automatically be updated if you fill a new prescription. You will find your prescription at any time. 
  • Drug Interaction/ Allergy Checking: You can get your test done to know if your medicines interact and if any medication can trigger an allergic reaction.
  • Order Refills by Phone: You can order your prescription refills through their interactive voice response system. Also, you can set your pick up time.
  • Private Counselling Room: You can discuss your health concern privately with your pharmacist in a private counselling area. 
  • Health Brochures: They are always ready to provide you with their wide range of printed healthcare concern-related information with you. 
  • Medication Review: Their highly skilled professionals are always available to consult your private questions about health and medication. 
  • Adult Immunizations: You can get your vaccination without waiting at the doctor’s office. For that, you have to fill out your vaccination prescription. 
  • Authorizing Prescription Refills: You can approve a prescription refill for you under some conditions when your refill runs out. So you do not miss your medications. 
  • Quality Products: Costco provides the best products to its customers with great value. You can find medications, herbs, vitamins, and other health care products here. 
  • Flu Shot Clinics: Costco provides Flu Shot Clinics at each pharmacy. You might be able to get your flu shot for free. Booking online and in-store both are available. 
  • Covid-19 Test: Covid-19 test is available at Costco Pharmacy. You can book your vaccine appointment online. 

About Costco Pharmacy

Costco Pharmacy has been treating its customers since 1983 with its unique and customized products. 

The pioneers of Costco are James Sinegal, and Jeffery Brotman founded Costco with various departments, including pharmacy.

For over 40 years, Costco has been known for its corporate philosophy of providing goods and services at the lowest net cost. 

It makes sure that it takes care of its customers and provides the best service possible. 


Costco Pharmacy is providing both in-store and online services to its respected customers. 

You will find Costco Pharmacy customer service Hours and Contact information here. 

You can communicate with them if you have any inquiries to do. 

We hope this information has been beneficial to you to an extent. 

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