How to dress for a funeral? The rules of a delicate dress code

How to dress for a funeral

Elegance and restraint are essential when choosing an outfit for a funeral. To find out how to dress for a funeral, read on!

A dress color in accordance with the situation

If black remains the preferred color for a funeral, other colors are tolerated during the ceremony. You can wear navy blue, gray or brown, but avoid shades that are too flashy. According to the beliefs of the deceased and his family, it is even possible to wear white at a funeral: this color symbolizes the life that continues, and pays homage to the joy of living of the deceased. But, be careful: check with relatives before choosing a white outfit for a funeral. In general, skip the prints, even discrete ones. The sobriety of plain fabrics is more appropriate for this type of ceremony.

Bet on simplicity

A funeral is obviously not the right occasion to showcase your wardrobe. Whatever the season, wear an outfit that covers your shoulders and legs up to the knees. In summer, for example, turn to canvas pants and a light blouse or a top worn with a veil to cover your shoulders. And avoid plunging necklines! If you want to pay a final tribute to the deceased through your outfit, you can wear a scarf or a piece of jewelry he gave you. As for makeup, adopt a nude style with a little foundation, a light touch of mascara and, if necessary, a little lipstick in a natural shade. 

Think practical!

Elegance also comes from attitude. To avoid being noticed by the sound of your footsteps or risk falling, leave high heels in the closet. Prefer a pair of flat pumps, which you will have taken care to wax beforehand. Also remember to bring with you a pair of black gloves for the burial of the coffin, a black umbrella and a packet of handkerchiefs. Sunglasses are tolerated to hide your sadness, provided you choose a discreet frame.

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