How to sleep in 5 minutes? Expert tips

How to sleep in 5 minutes?

According to research, more than 50% of people suffer from sleep disorders. You sometimes have conditions when you are tired, but you don’t want to sleep at all. Evokingminds professionals will talk about the most effective ways that will help you sleep in 5 minutes..

How to prepare for sleep?

You should not have a heavy dinner, the usual time for the dinner is about 2 hours before you go to bed. Take a warm shower with the relaxing oils. Then you can drink a warm mixture of boiled milk and honey.

Ventilate your room well and prepare a bed. Keep in mind that your bed should be made of natural and hypoallergenic fabrics. Change it every week once. Choose a pillow of best medium firmness.

For full relaxation, play calm and pleasant music or sit for 10 min in silence. You shouldn’t watch your favorite film on TV, and keep your phone away until getting up in the morning.

Put full attention to the posture – sometimes, an uncomfortable posture position just prevents falling asleep.

How to sleep in 5 minutes at night?

How to sleep in 5 minutes at night?

One of the most popular methods is breathing exercises, which were practiced in India in ancient times. There are numerous options.

First option:

1. Place the tip of the tongue on the palate behind the upper teeth;

2. Take a deep breath, slowly counting to 4;

3. Hold your breath for 7 seconds;

4. Make a noisy long exhalation for 8 seconds;

5. Repeat until you get tired.

Such breathing practices have a sedative effect on the body and slow the heart rate, so that the brain calms down and the body relaxes. The 4-7-8 technique is considered one of the most popular and effective, it will take you just 1 minute to fall asleep.

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Second option:

1. Inhale and exhale for each count. For example, inhale – one, exhale – two., inhale – three, and so on up to ten;

2. Focus on each number and relax;

3. After 10, start over and repeat the exercise three times.

Another way:

1. Take a comfortable position and close your eyes;

2. Open and close your eyes at regular intervals (for example, on inhalation and exhalation).

This helps your body to relax faster and slow down the brain.

How to sleep in 5 minutes?

How to sleep in 5 minutes?

To fall asleep, you must have to know the Chinese method of activating points. The exposure time is thirty seconds, and you require only to move clockwise.

1. With heated fingers, massage the earlobe, moving to the top of the auricle;

2. With your index finger, press the point between the eyebrows and massage;

3. Do the same in the temporal zone.

Repeat the set of these exercises twice.

How to sleep during the day?

The equipment used by the special services will help you fall asleep at any time of the day. They say Suvorov practiced it. And it’s easy to repeat:

1. Lie on your back, stretch your arms along the body and relax;

2. Imagine yourself in a quiet place, for example, on the beach or a flowering garden;

3. Close your eyes and roll your eyes up.

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