8 Biggest Makeup Trends to Follow in 2022

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In 2021, one fact was evident: we’re willing to put on makeup trends yet again. And in 2022, the trend will continue with a few trends for expressing the most outgoing, bright, and sparkling self. Yet, some of the hottest trends, such as vibrant colours eye- makeup and eco-friendly packaging, will appeal to our more minimalist side. Read on to see which cosmetic styles we think will be big in make-up trends 2022.

The best 2022 make-up trends

Here we have incorporated some of the best make-up trends. Save it for your influencing and partying thing. 

Rainbow eyeliner

Eyeliner in an array of shades. We’ve seen how most coloured liners, notably vibrant colours attract attention to the eyes. Rainbow shades are inevitably followed in the year make-up trends 2022 products.

Neon is a new favourite 

One of the favourite beauty trends for 2022 is neon eyeliner, which can be worn alone without the need for eyeshadow. It may take a few attempts to get it right, but a felt-tip liquid eyeliner will allow you to draw a clean line on your eyelid without straining or missing it.

Blush draping

Need to not be scared to discover new beauty trends with your blush placement says many of the fashion influencers. Implementing blush to exciting areas like the cheekbones and the upper collar bone would become mainstream. It’s also reasonable to predict that a lot of pink draping will be seen in make-up trends 2022. Now is the ideal moment to reintroduce warm blush hues that drape lightly into the cheekbones. The biggest feature about the blush revival is that it can generate a natural elevation with fresh-looking skin, as well as a contour illusion that may quickly increase your confidence. 

Minimalist winged eyeliner trend

This is the new trend that is followed by most of the youngest actress and fashion influencers. Pick up a liquid or crayon eyeliner in your favourite colour and draw a miniature triangle on the edges of your eyes. This can change your overall look and eye appearance.

Lifted brows

The brow layering style is kept around because raised brows that broaden up the eyes are pleasing. Yet, this trend will emerge on a softer appearance than a laminated or soap eyebrow. Those with vertical hairs can resemble two-dimensional due to their flatness.

Glossy lip 

The lip gloss with just a hint of colour and shimmer (like this warm gold) gives your lips a delicate shine. It is the new trend that every girl is now wearing. We think that this can be trendy in the year 2022.

The glitter makeup trend 

Glitter is a big deal in 2022. There’s no right way to apply it to your eyes, cheeks, or lips. If you want to mimic a human disco ball, then put a roll-on glitter stick to the major highlights of your body. Apply a cream glitter eyeshadow on your lids with your fingertips or a small makeup brush for a more soft-glam look.

Double shades of eyeshadow

If you shouldn’t have to keep to symmetrical in 2022, you surely don’t choose just one shade for your makeup. Try the experiment with mixing pastels, like this blue and green, or choose a neon pink and brilliant yellow from a neon makeup palette. 

These are the trending makeup products that are ahead of the make-up trends of 2022. If you are a fashion influencer and searching for some amazing makeup trends then we’d hope this guide helped you out. Stay a gazing star and keep following the new trends.

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