Marketing of sports associations or athletes

In this article I will tell you exactly what sports marketing is, what the types that exist are and I will detail some success stories that I consider interesting. What is sports marketing?

Sports marketing is a type of marketing with a peculiarity: an emotional link is created between the user and the brand (or sports club, or athlete) so that they feel identified and proud of it.

Fans are the best brand ambassadors and, in sports, emotions are very important. Sharing passion, being there during training sessions or suffering, during victories and defeats… A team is followed for sentimental reasons, not for rational reasons, and this is a great advantage for sports marketing, since it allows creating links between the brand and the positive values ​​that sport or athlete represents. In this way, brand positioning is quickly achieved through this link.

It is also important to note that sports marketing can be applied to all stadiums, not just elite sport. In other words, we can find examples of sports marketing in the first division of soccer, but also in lower divisions or even in school teams or friendly leagues.

Sports marketing can be represented on different platforms: physically, social networks, television, radio… And what is clear is that it has experienced strong growth; more and more is used and more money is invested. An example of this is the advertising salary that elite athletes earn every year. Types of sports marketing

Sporting Event Marketing

The marketing of sporting events has a double objective: On the one hand, give visibility to the sporting event itself. And, at the same time, promote and give an ROI to the sponsors and brands that have invested in the event and are present at it. These types of events are very popular, some of them appear on screens around the world, such as the case of the Super Bowl. These types of events move a lot of money and there are many brands that fight to be present at them. Continuing with the case of the Super Bowl: each edition the announcement of the pause of this event is one of the most commented of the whole year. General marketing for 해외축구중계

More and more companies or public entities

 Are talking about the importance of incorporating healthy habits into our daily lives, such as sports. Thus, a general marketing campaign for sports is closely related to the benefits that practicing sports brings to a healthy diet and lifestyle .Marketing of sports products or services:

Marketing of sports products or services focuses on the specific sale of products through sport. With this, these products or services are associated with the values ​​of the sport or athlete who is communicating them.

This type of campaign is very useful to attract target audience and build loyalty. Influencer figures are used very frequently to gain loyalty, since they are great prescribers. In fact, many athletes have also achieved fame, for example as models. This is the case of the athletes David Beckham and Michael Jordan, who have gone far beyond advertising and sports.

The sportswear or healthy food sectors often create campaigns with these characteristics.

In the marketing of sports associations or athletes, it is the teams or athletes themselves who promote their activities. For example, we can see Kilian cornet in various documentaries, such as Kilian Jornet: Path to Everest or, most recently, Inside Kilian cornet. They are opportunities to get to know the athlete more closely, open up to their fans and reach them by creating a bond. Success stories

Leaving aside the most classic success stories, such as those of soccer players Messi or Ronaldo, or Nike with its already legendary “Just do it”, I would like to share with you other examples that I think you may find interesting. You will see!

The strength of the name

Naming Rights is a sports sponsorship strategy based on the purchase of the naming rights of, for example, a sports space, a competition or even a team, so that the pavilion or league includes the trademark in its name. One of the most powerful examples of sports marketing naming is Cliff Diving Red Bull. Red Bull, the most famous energy drink in the world, does not focus on explaining what its drink is like or what its ingredients are: Red Bull transmits brand image. A brand associated with terms such as “risk” or “adventure”.

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