Peel and Stick Wall Murals


Peel and stick wall murals are a quick and easy way to decorate your walls. They are easy to install and can be used to cover large spaces such as your bedroom. In order to install a mural, you will first have to peel the top of the mural off the backing paper. Once you’ve removed the backing paper, you’ll simply press the mural to the wall.

Quick Murals

QuickMurals are an easy way to decorate your room without the hassle of using sticky paste or tools. They can be applied to any smooth, nonporous surface. They’re also repositionable, removable, and reusable. These murals are printed on high-quality self-adhesive canvas for stunning clarity.

Before you install the murals, make sure the wall is clean and dry. If your walls were recently painted, you should wait a minimum of 14 days to cure the paint before applying the murals. If you’ve used low-VOC stain-resistant paint, you should also clean the mural surface with an alcohol-and-water solution to remove any excess paint. This extra step will prevent any bubbling or dirt from forming on the mural.

Quick Murals with peel and stick are an easy way to decorate your walls with style and personality. If you rent your home, you can add personality to your rental property. They can also be removed easily, and won’t damage the wall. This makes them perfect for children’s rooms.

Misty Mountain

Misty Mountain peel and stick wall murals features a lush forest landscape in a misty mountain fog. This scenic forest landscape is available in many standard and custom sizes, and is printed on PVC-free fabric. It is easy to install and remove without damaging your walls.

Inspired by the enchanting landscape of British Columbia, this misty mountain mural features greenery, an inclined forest, and a backdrop of clouds and mist. It is a great option for transforming any room into a mystical space. While the display photo doesn’t show the design to scale, it still makes a beautiful and serene addition to any room.

Into the Woods

The Into the Woods peel and stick wall art mural is inspired by the lush forest scenes found on the West Coast. The colorful scene features coniferous pines and forest haze in the early morning sun, and the hand-painted image by Mary Clare Wilkie is full of detail. The mural is designed to bring the forest’s depths into any room.

You can use the peel and stick wall mural on any wall in your home, from a kitchen island to an entire wall. The only limitation is that it must not be placed in places with high humidity or water. Otherwise, it will get damaged quickly. It is also best to follow the instructions for placement before you apply the mural.


Inspired by the legendary Egyptian princess, the Cleopatra Mural delivers understated elegance. Painted in soft sand tones, this wall murals also features a subtle marbling effect. Note: The display photo of the Cleopatra wall mural may not be to scale.

Before installing a wall mural, measure the length and width of the wall. Make sure the panel will fit the wall evenly. A 45 degree angle will help it adhere to the wall. To avoid gaps or sags, use a painter’s tape to tack the first panel to the wall. Then, using a plastic scraper, smooth the panel onto the wall and remove any bubbles. Make sure each panel overlaps a little to avoid separation and to keep the mural level.

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