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Practice Mate with the help of Office Ally is a free practice management software program with a less costly yet comprehensive electronic health record option. More than 330,000 clinical suppliers in the United States use it. The software is web-based and gives all functionalities to manage a practice, along with patient scheduling, appointment reminders, billing, and reviews.

An Overview of Practice Mate EMR

EHR 24/7 is Office Ally EHR, nominally priced at about $30 per month per issuer. Practices using Practice Mate EHR Software can also use their flagship product, i.e., Office Ally Clearinghouse, at no cost. Users can put up claims electronically to over 5,000 payers, experience decreased denials due to computerized claim scrubbing earlier than submission, and track the popularity of every claim.

Besides, it generates CPT and PPT codes incorporated with the practice management software program and adds them into claims robotically. Physicians can customize their soap notes, set barriers to consumers’ access, and perform most medical tasks quite simply. The platform includes a reporting module that facilitates a medical search by user name, type of coverage, tax ID, and so on. With Practice Mate, users do not require signing any agreement.

The seller also gives a free patient portal that patients can use to alternate or schedule appointments, make online payments, or fill out paperwork. Finally, customers can set up the software program and get training free as a bonus. It is crucial to notice that all these capabilities are usable even if they use a present practice management system.

Office Ally Practice Mate Features

Practice Mate is a low-cost practice management solution that may be purchased one at a time or combined with its updated electronic health records and Patient Ally, a patient portal. The internet-based software program is popularly used by over 100 thousand clinicians. The following are the number one capabilities of the Office Ally Practice Mate demo:

Appointment Scheduling System

Practice Mate consists of sophisticated scheduling functions, for instance, classifying patient appointments based on dates and shade-code them to distinguish really. Also, upload special patient notes and schedule recurrent appointments fast.

Document Patient Information

Patient Ally performs an essential position in streamlining patient clinical recordkeeping. The patient has to enter their vital details, such as their coverage and medical records, most effective ones while registering for the patient portal. The statistics are straight away imported into the EHR machine, as a result reducing the information access burden. If users want to add other files from the third-party software program, they can use Excel to try this with Practice Mate.

Automated Patient Transactions

Create default approaches and do diagnostic coding in the Office Ally Practice Mate demo. It is a treasured feature for medical practices, specifically for psychiatric clinics. The most user-pleasant technique of getting into details of patient bills is through the scheduling tool. In addition, the software program offers to deal with all billing processes so that users can optimize revenue. With this, recognize the primary obligation, i.e., turning in amazing patient care.

Management of Insurance Claims

Office Ally’s claims verification software program is interlinked with EHR. It consists of easy-to-read presentations for detecting rejected claims and reviewing their consequences. Hence, denied claims are rechecked for altering and re-post well in time. Thus, users could relax with the understanding that billing is in expert hands that assure higher profits.

Management Payment Statements

Office Ally Practice Mate lets users view patients’ statements in the EHR right away. These are also available for printing purposes. The first-rate function about this detail in Office Ally Practice Mate reviews is how they may be easy for patients to understand, which increases their contentment. Also, add a customized notice earlier than creating the fee statements.


Another function blanketed within Office Ally the top EHR software price package deal is effective reporting and patient charting. It monitors the frequency of scheduled patient visits and normal collections that will help investigate overall performance styles. The distinct tracking and evaluation of those factors are important to improve healthcare practice.

Practice Mate Pricing

Office Ally’s value of the EHR 24/7 is $29.99/month per person. Practice Ally, Clearinghouse, and the patient portal are available at 0 fees. View all factors of the clinical software program live while watching the Office Ally Practice Mate demo. Moreover, the software program gives 24/7 customer service via smartphone and electronic mail.

Reviews of Office Ally Practice Mate

The feedback of the Practice Mate software program indicates how real customers perceive the software. Both its high quality and poor traits are highlighted below:

  • The medical software interconnects with an exceptional clearinghouse that hyperlinks 5000 vendors.
  • Practice Mate looks after a practice’s billing and scheduling.
  • The practice management software program is free.
  • It provides electronic medical facts at more low-cost pricing than similar EMR systems.
  • Users can easily trap errors in claims earlier than filing them.
  • Office Ally comes at a low fee and permits customers to set text, telephone, and email reminders.
  • The software program can’t link a reminder machine to a telephone range and uses a random cellphone range to text.
  • There’s a piece of a studying curve inside the beginning.
  • The device slows down from time to time even as loading pages.


It is important to have a powerful practice management system and a satisfactory electronic health records software program in place to hold healthcare practice on the right track for achievement. Office Ally Practice Mate lets users achieve this at the same time as lowering the normal workload. Furthermore, because Practice Mate manages scheduling and billing, devote the entire attention to patients.

As a result, Practice Mate is the first-rate solution for all practices, mainly low-budget clinics. One of its blessings is its integration with its electronic medical records and Patient Ally. Look at the Office Ally Practice Mate demo to peer how using this software program can standardize and beautify medical performance.

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