What is ikigai in simple terms


Surely in business periodicals or books you have met the concept of “ikigai”. Ikigai is another Japanese word that, loosely translated, can be translated as a vocation or a favorite thing. Also, business publications often talk about the concept of kaizen. Kaizen is a continuous improvement in work, which is indirectly related to the concept of ikigai. Ikigai shows how to find japanese way of living, there is no single rule, for everyone it is unique. After all, you can constantly improve what you do only if you sincerely love what you do.

Ikigai is a hobby that also benefits other people. Ikigai must meet the following criteria:

  • you like to do it;
  • your work is in demand and benefits people;
  • high motivation is characteristic (people are ready to get up at 6 in the morning for the sake of ikigai);
  • You are good at ikigai (that is, you have a talent, an inclination).

Simply put, ikigai = vocation, destiny, inclination. Ikigai is part of Japanese philosophy and in Russian reality it can be described as “do what you like.” This is when people are ready to get up early in the morning and run to work, not because they “need”, but because they want to. High motivation and commitment to what you love is ikigai and it doesn’t happen very often. If you feel uplifted and inspired by your work, then it’s probably about ikigai.

When a person wakes up early without an alarm clock with a desire to get to work and act as soon as possible, then this is a good sign of ikigai. Ikigai is often felt by entrepreneurs and the self-employed. But even they often drown in routine. Not to mention the staff who work 8 to 5 five days a week. People often get so tired at work for various reasons that they forget that they once loved their work and wanted to develop in it, but everything often ends up in a monotonous routine.

Ikigai is closely related to mindfulness and creativity. You are present here and now during your work and are maximally involved in your work. At the same time, this work brings you pleasure. Moreover, ikigai can be closely related to both work and your hobbies.

How to find your ikigai

Finding a life’s work is never easy. Many of us have many passions and hobbies that can be turned into ikigai. Others have not yet fully recognized themselves and therefore cannot say for sure what exactly they would like to devote themselves to.

Ikigai also involves the harmony of all spheres of life. That is, this is not only a professional vocation, but rather a lifestyle that you like so much that you are ready to live it.

To find your ikigai, try new things in new areas of life. Trying new types of work and different hobbies, you will accidentally find what you like best. And then you can try to turn this hobby into a profession. And then you don’t need motivation.

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