Why Is Image Masking Used?

Image masking is one of the most popular photo editing techniques. Especially in professional photo editing, photographers or companies often search for image masking service providers.

So what is image masking, and why is image masking used widely? Let’s find it in this blog.

What is image masking?

Usually, image masking refers to a process where you can hide and reveal some portion of a photo. It is generally done by photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, illustration, etc. 

Image masking is used for several purposes, from enhancing a photo’s detail to isolating the image without distracting the background.

What are the common types of image masking?

There are mainly three types of photo masking in Photoshop at the professional level. And these common types of photo masking are widely used in photo editing services. Here are the three types of image masking:

Layer masking: 

This type of photo masking will help you hide and reveal some portion of your photos. This is one of the most common types of photo masking.

Clipping mask:

This type of masking is usually used for determining the visibility or the transparency of another layer. Professional photo editors widely use this editing technique.

Alpha Channel masking:

In simple words, alpha channel masking is a photo editing process by which you can remove the background of a photo. Generally, this is a bit complicated way of photo masking.

Why is image masking used?

While it’s almost impossible to click perfect photos, businesses and photographers require professional pictures for their products. Photo masking can help in this case.

Here are a few reasons for using this editing method.

Non-destructive way of photo editing:  

Most people prefer photo masking because it is a non-destructive way of photo editing. You can easily fine-tune and change the minor details of your photo by using the photo masking features.

Usually, you may need high-quality and detailed photos in product photography. Also, hiring a high-end photography service will eventually cost you so much money. However, you can do it simply by using photo masking, saving your money and time. Rest assured, you’ll get high-quality photos for your business.

Easy way to remove or replace the background of the photo:

Replacing the background of photo editing has become very common. You may want to remove or replace the background in product photos or other images to bring your brand color. Photo masking allows you to do that.

Especially it is handy for glass types of objects. For example, you need to add a theme for your photo or fix the background color. You can adjust the background with different colors with the help of photo masking.

Fine-tuning your photo:

No matter how much money you are spending on photography, getting the perfect photo is very low. That is why it is inevitable to fine-tune your images.

You can easily fine-tune your photo by using the photo masking technique. Especially, with the help of a clipping mask, you can make your image look more detailed and professional.


Nowadays, in every single professional photo, you will notice the usage of photo masking. It allows companies and photographers to make their pictures more professional and result-oriented.

Above all, photo masking is a useful, less costly alternative and saves time. That’s why companies usually seek help from any professional photo masking service provider. Hopefully, now you know why photo masking is used so widely.

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