Polyurea coatings:  Polyurea coatings are a type of protective outdoor coatings which typically consist of mixtures of a thermoset binder resin and an epoxy resin. Polyurea coatings are widely used for their protective properties on exterior and interior surfaces of buildings and other structures, on vehicles, and any other application where protection is desired. Polyurea […]

How Is VR Transforming Retail?

Being still new on the market, VR in retail has already attracted a great deal of attention, allowing users to enjoy a digital, real-time retail experience.  According  to a report (, technologies like VR in retail have so much to offer that an estimated additional sales growth of US$66 billion is expected with just a […]

Why Sleep Is Important to Weight Loss

While there is no debating the “calories in versus calories out” equation we hear so often when trying to lose weight, there’s actually a whole lot more to the picture. The ability to feel hungry, full, or motivated (to work out) can all be strongly influenced by non-diet-related factors involving hormonal and/or neurological shifts. This […]

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