What is the difference between hoodie and sweatshirt?

A wardrobe is considered a reflection of a person, however, most cannot say what a hoodie, a sweatshirt is or how they differ. The popularity of both types of clothing can only be compared with jeans. What is commonly referred to as the jacket is svitshotom, hooded sweatshirts – hoodies or sweatshirts. There are other […]

What is the scientific name of goldfish? Explanation

Introduction Goldfish scientific Name: Carassius auratus Common Names of Goldfish: Goldfish, Goldie, Skipper, Blackie, and Bubbles Goldfish is a fish of water common in domestic fresh ponds and aquariums around the world. It comes from an Asian goldfish or squid, the golden cyprin (Carassius auratus), so it is close to the common squid, a fish […]

Taqwa Meaning in Urdu

Taqwa Meaning In Urdu Literally taqwa meaning in urdu is ( کسی شے سے دور رہنے،اس سے بچنے یااسے چھوڑنے ہی کے ہوتے ہیں) and in English (to stay away from something, to avoid it or to give it up). The meaning of taqwa is that man should perform the duties which God Almighty has […]

Waldain Ke Huqooq

Waldain is very important in every aspect of our life, they give us everything they get from the world and spend their entire life for us to become happy. So it’s our duty to take care of them in their remaining life but most importantly in old age. ’’وَقَضٰی رَبُّکَ أَلاَّ تَعْبُدُوْا إِلاَّ إِیَّاہُ وَبِالْوَالِدَیْنِ […]

Figure of speech examples

A figure of speech is a process of expression that deviates from ordinary use of language. Originally, figures of speech are linked to rhetoric (the art of speech) and were widely used in order to convince or seduce the interlocutor.  Following are different types of figure of speech: PERSONIFICATION: Lending feelings, thoughts or actions to […]

What is a polysaccharide? Definition and explanation

A polysaccharide designates macromolecules formed by the polymerization of simple or healthy carbohydrates. For sugars; the correct word in French is polysaccharide or polyholoside, but usage has consecrated the use of this anglicism. Polysaccharides are biomolecules formed by the union of a large number of monosaccharides. The polysaccharides carbon belong to hydrate carbon and fulfill […]

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