Stars Swim Schools Review

Star Academy is a play-based learning school that emphasizes core skills development through hands-on projects and instruction that encourages curiosity, collaboration, active engagement and social awareness. The staff are well trained and dedicated to upholding the values of its founder Belinda Bernardo; making this an excellent place for your child to learn to swim or hone their swimming abilities.

Learn to Swim

Swimming is an invaluable life skill for children to acquire. Not only does it build confidence and foster socialization with classmates, but it can also improve physical fitness in a fun and supportive setting.

Star Swim Schools Clyde provides a comprehensive swim curriculum to develop children’s skills from the very start. Their learn to swim programs are USA Swimming-approved and accredited by the Starfish Aquatic Institute, with classes available for babies, kids and adults alike.

The initial step toward mastering swimming is selecting a reliable school that you can trust. Stars Swim Schools is such an establishment – family-run with experienced instructors dedicated to each child’s success.

Star Baby program provides instruction to infants and toddlers from 6 months to 2 years old about swimming in a secure, nurturing environment. These group lessons aim to make your little one comfortable in the water as they develop basic aquatic abilities like jumping, kicking, floating and submersion.

They also teach children responsibility for themselves, their safety and well-being. Parents are encouraged to join their child’s lessons in order to make them feel secure and at ease.

These lessons are conducted in small groups, so you and your child will get all of the attention you need. Led by an experienced coach, they’ll guide them through every step of the curriculum – from swimming assessments to stroke mastery – with ease.

To enroll in this class, your child must be at least six months old and have a parent or guardian accompany them during each lesson. They must wear VillaSport-approved swim diapers which protect them from harmful chemicals while keeping their breath fresh.

Baby Swimming Lessons

Baby swimming lessons are an excellent way to teach your child about water safety and swimming skills, while also having some fun! These classes help build confidence in little ones too! Whether you need to enroll your newborn in lessons or start your toddler off on the right foot with swimming skills, has the ideal solution for you.

They offer small class sizes so your child gets all of the support and instruction they require to learn to swim in a secure, supportive atmosphere. Their instructors are highly qualified professionals who will assist your child in reaching their goals quickly.

Their Baby Swimming Lessons are organized according to age and skill level, so you can find the ideal class for your little one. Plus, with a 3:1 student-to-instructor ratio, your little one will receive plenty of hands-on practice!

Their infant/toddler swim classes emphasize water safety and survival skills while having fun with songs and activities. They offer classes for babies ages 6 months to 3 years, as well as toddlers aged three to six.

Safety is the top priority in any baby swimming lesson, so make sure your child follows all necessary precautions before entering the water. This includes dressing your child appropriately for weather conditions, having them shower before and after swimming, as well as making sure they wear swim diapers.

They offer a range of swim programs, such as adult group lessons and private sessions for both children and adults. Furthermore, their competitive swim teams participate in various competitions throughout the year. Furthermore, they have passionate teachers who work hard to help your child develop into an accomplished swimmer.

Adult Swimming Lessons

Adult swimming lessons are an excellent way to stay physically and mentally fit, while also relieving stress and anxiety. Studies have demonstrated that swimming has numerous benefits for mental wellbeing; it improves coordination, balance and posture. It has become a widely beloved activity by those in the know!

Stars Swim Schools Cranbourne provides a range of classes for adults and children alike. Their instructors are qualified, experienced professionals who strive to make learning fun and rewarding for their students.

Beginners in swimming can benefit from lessons on basic strokes like blowing bubbles, floating, kicking and arm positioning. These abilities are necessary before learning more complex strokes like Breaststroke and Freestyle.

Swimmers with some experience can take advanced classes that focus on refining specific strokes. Popular options include Freestyle, Backstroke and Butterfly.

Private lessons offer swimmers the chance to tailor their instruction specifically to their individual needs and objectives. This is advantageous for competitive swimmers as well as those looking to hone their technique and stroke speed.

Finally, swimmers can join group classes designed specifically for beginners and intermediate swimmers. These intimate settings enable students to learn at their own pace.

At YWCA Pekin, we are excited to offer the internationally acclaimed program Starfish Swimming year-round in our heated pool! This course is designed to give very young children a strong comfort level in the water and prepare their adult companions in water safety techniques.

Adult Group Lessons

Adult Group Lessons offer lessons for swimmers of all ages and abilities – from those just starting out to those looking to perfect their technique or increase distance. Our lessons cater to all levels and abilities with experienced instructors providing a friendly yet supportive atmosphere where students can learn in an encouraging atmosphere.

Our Adult Group Lessons follow the American Red Cross curriculum to teach all essential aquatic and personal water safety skills in a logical progression of levels, so students can progress from beginner to expert. Classes are kept small for personalized attention from your instructor and an enjoyable atmosphere.

At our school, we teach a variety of swimming strokes including breaststroke, butterfly, flip-turns and treading water. Furthermore, swimmers will develop endurance by swimming laps.

Children in our group lessons will have a maximum of 6 pupils to ensure ample one-on-one learning from their instructor. We adhere to the ASA Learn to Swim Framework with additional incentives designed to motivate swimmers throughout each session.

Alternatively, we provide private adult lessons tailored to each swimmer’s individual needs. These sessions are tailored according to the swimmer’s level of expertise and often take place weekly.

Adult Group Lessons are ideal for adults looking to improve their water safety and swimming ability, or those who have put off learning due to a fear of the water. We also offer various aquatic programs like lifesaving classes, water survival skills, springboard diving lessons and open water courses so you can make the most out of your experience in the water.

We would be delighted to have you join our school and hope that you will come and join us! Our highly qualified, passionate educators are dedicated to helping you reach your goal of swimming independently.

Private Lessons

No matter your level of knowledge, private lessons offer the perfect opportunity for growth and development. With hundreds of topics available and instructors covering 300+ subjects, as well as flexible pricing options, you’re sure to find the instructor who best meets your requirements.

Private Lessons provide students with a tailored experience tailored to their level of knowledge, skill, learning styles and musical preferences. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes of private instruction plus 20 minutes in the computer lab; this allows them to reinforce theory concepts, learn piano music (classical or jazz), keep a Listening Journal and play Music Mind Games online.

Private lessons are available year-round and you can select 30- or 45-minute sessions. Your teacher will guide you through a curriculum of techniques, method books or selected repertoire, theory and Music Mind Games. These lessons are an excellent way to hone skills and perfect performance at optional piano events such as District Auditions, MMTA Festivals or Young Musical Stars at Weill Center; plus they’re great opportunities for socializing with other musicians! To find out more about private lessons click the link below to book one now!

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