10 Best Tourist Attractions In Istanbul With Family

Tourist Attractions In Istanbul

If you book flights for Istanbul with your children and are wondering where to go in the city, we would like to let you know in advance that there are many great places to visit. In addition, there are many places suitable for children, if you are curious where to go in Istanbul with the family. Now let’s share our favorite places in Istanbul for your family trip here. We know that you will fully enjoy your trip if you visit some of our recommendations.

Visit these stunning places and have a good time with family:

1.Istanbul Aquarium

Located in Florya, the Istanbul Aquarium is home to one of the most beautiful experiences for children of all ages. In its category, it is one of the largest and newest aquariums in circulation in Europe and then in the world. We believe that most children do not want to miss the underwater world experience and see various species of spectacular fish, guitar sharks and even penguins. This place definitely tops the list for fun things to do in Istanbul with the family.


Founded in 2013, Vialand is the first building complex in the world to combine a shopping mall, exhibition center and theme park together. Given its uniqueness, it hosts tens of millions of visitors each year and would be a fantastic sight for your children to see. It is definitely regarded as one of the best places to visit in Istanbul with the family.

3.Madame Tussauds wax museum

Visiting the famous Madame Tussauds museums is always a good idea, no matter what country you are in right now. So this famous museum also has its branch in Istanbul and houses many great figures from near and far history. Taking quick selfies with those waxed figures is one of the best things to do in Istanbul with the family.


One of Turkey’s best child-friendly tourist attractions, Miniaturk has a special collection of the important miniature forms of the greatest Turkish monuments. Children would be delighted to see the monuments there and adults too, as this open-air museum is an unusual and fun place to experience. Also, we are happy to add that you and your family can visit this place for free with the Istanbul Tourist Pass.

Fun workshop

With its main branch in Cevahir Shopping Center, Fun Lab is Europe’s largest shopping mall family entertainment center with an area of ​​4 square meters by 16,000 floors. It has a wide range of entertainment tools such as video games, simulation / VR units or soft play fields designed for children of different ages. We believe your children will not regret the time they have here.

5.Istanbul Toy Museum

This museum is well-known as a destination for tourists of all ages. The Toy Museum is famous for its antique toys that date back hundreds of years. Located in Kadıköy, this place also offers various workshops for families who want to spend a fun day together. So you as a parent don’t have to think about how you will spend your time there, you can enjoy one of the activities it offers together with your children.

To combine fun and culture visit following sights:

6.Hagia Sophia

The former museum, now a mosque, has a bizarre history dating back to the Roman, Byzantine and finally Ottoman empires. It is a historical monument much loved by the world. As a result, the historical monument is on the list of all travelers who came to Istanbul.

If your kids like beautiful architectural buildings and history (and even if they don’t particularly like history), this is still a place not to be missed with indigo airlines services that is most famous travelling airline for turkey. This building was recently transformed into a mosque, but its magic that touches empires and two of the world’s greatest religions throughout history remains. Its ancient soul is what makes this mosque-museum one of the best places to visit in Istanbul with the family.

7.Topkapi Palace

Located in Sultanahmet, this ancient palace holds a special place in Turkish history as it has hosted many of the Ottoman emperors throughout history. It has great touches of history and also satisfies the curiosity of foreign and native tourists alike as a museum. So, if you are interested in visiting the fascinating Topkapi Palace with your children, we would like to let you know that the Istanbul Tourist Pass grants access to more than 75 attractions, including Topkapi Palace.

8.Galata Tower

Located in Karaköy, this place is a huge attraction for the city. With its historic qualities and prime location overlooking the whole of Istanbul, the historic tower offers an unforgettable experience for everyone. It is, for example, a nice place to take photos when you are inside or outside near the tower and has a restaurant inside. 

For us, one of the best things to do in Istanbul with the family is taking selfies when on top of the Galata Tower. And best of all, you can have this experience for free if you have the Istanbul Tourist Pass with you.

9.Ortakoy District

Istanbul’s lively waterfront district is worth visiting as it has a lot of history and offers great views. Ortaköy has bars, cafes, restaurants on one side and the Ortaköy Mosque on the other. So, since you have just arrived here, let us mention the brief history of the Ortaköy Mosque. It is a 19th century architectural structure that has touches of baroque and neoclassical movements and it is very unexpected for a mosque in Turkey to have such influences, so it is certainly one of a kind. 

The Ortaköy district is also located near the Bosphorus bridge, so it offers spectacular views that are worth seeing.

10.Via Istiklal

As one of the most important streets in Istanbul’s Beyoglu district throughout history, Istiklal Street has many qualities that will please different types of travelers. If you want a place for shopping, it has everything related to shopping, malls and hundreds of shops with every type of product you can imagine. If you want to see beautiful historical sites along the way, for example the Church of Sant’Antonio, they are right there for you to try. 

If you want to have a drink and a sophisticated meal, from small to large or from traditional to foreign, along Istiklal Caddesi they are ready to serve restaurants of all kinds. So that you can have a quiet fantasy evening with your spouse and children. A day in Istiklal Caddesi as a tourist is absolutely a good day.

So what are you waiting for, hurry up to book flight for your family to enjoy these stunning destinations of Istanbul.

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