Best Vest Brands in India for Men

best vest brands in India

Vests are typically called Baniyans in India and it’s a very crucial Indian attire. We wear it before wearing any shirt or T-shirt in order that it gives an honest shape and support under Shirts. Many purchasers just choose it for an honest fit and look; whereas many choose it consistent with their comfort and geographical temperature. Here I even have the list of best vest brands in India which you’ll purchase in 2021.

Best Vest Brands for Men in India

These are the ten top Vest brands in India,

● LUX Venus

● Jokey


● Rupa

● Hanes

● Dollar BigBoss

● Dixcy Scott

● Viking


● Macroman

#1 – Lux Venus Vest

Lux Venus is one among the foremost famous and largest brands within the Indian market. The Lux Vests are made up of premium pure cotton for all ages; it keeps the body fresh and offers a cushty feeling. 

The Vest of Lux Venus is extremely light-weight and soft that creates ultimate comfort during the whole day. It’s an Indian innerwear company headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. 

In 1992 Sunny Deol had featured within the first television ads and it became viral across India. It’s continuously growing its business in India. The Lux Venus Company offers various products for ladies, men, and youngsters also.

Lux Venus Vests
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#2 – Jockey Vest

Jockey Company makes 100% cotton material within the market, and fiber yarns are wont to make this Jockey stuff that undergoes further processing to form it more manageable and smoother than regular cotton.

This vest brand was established in 1876 and it’s an American Manufacturer company. Jockey is a retailer of sleepwear, underwear, and sportswear for men, women, and children also.

Jockey may be a huge brand within the world and it’s a recognized trademark in 120 countries. In 2000 Jockey began to sell his all products directly on an e-commerce website and now you’ll find its product on almost every e-commerce website like Amazon and Flipkart. 

Jockey provides the simplest quality of vest within the market today. The Vests of the Jockey brand are light-weight and more durable than other brands and hence Jockey Vests are considered the simplest vest brand in the Indian Market.

Jockey Vest brand
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#3 – VIP Vest

The Vest from VIP Company is especially designed to offer a superb fit. The VIP Vests are made of superior quality and really comfortable to wear at reception too. The Vests have sweat absorbing Fabric and are ideal for rugged usage. 

An exact representation of the Indian male that’s what the brand VIP stands for. The VIP brand came into the market with the straightforward belief that the commoner deserved to be treated dignified.

VIP has been consistently delivering quality products for quite 40 years that provide ultimate comfort to the customer including a method outcome. The Slogan of VIP Company is that they make sure every VIP customer seems like a true VIP once they use a vest from VIP. 

In today’s market, it additionally stands for innovation, quality, and value for money. VIP has always been an active brand and it always offers comfort and sturdiness.

VIP Mens Cotton Vests
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#4 – Rupa Vest

When it involves comfort and elegance Rupa is the first choice for the user in India, and Rupa is India’s largest selling brand of Vests and holds pride of place within the market. 

Rupa provides the premium quality of Vest within the Market and hence it’s one among the foremost lovable brands in India. 

Rupa provides the whole range of knitted Garments from casual to underwear and now it’s a number one player within the global market and there are many satisfied customers across the planet.

Annually Rupa launches new variants of Vest within the market to require care of consumer preferences and it earned the trust of many customers across the world. 

RUPA Vests

#5 – Hanes Vest

Hanes is an American based clothing company and it makes Vest for men to supply superior comfort. Hanes not only provided Vest but also provided all the innerwear and outerwear within the market. 

It is a world brand and it went viral during 1999 with celebrity endorsements including Michael Jordan and Matthew Perry. Hanes delivers its product worldwide and is documented for its durability and quality within the market.

Hanes was established in 1985 and in North California US, it’s headquarter was founded. The bulk of the merchandise of Hanes are made in Thailand but 90% of us citizens hold the products of Hanes. 

The quality of Vest made by Hanes Company is non-competitive within the market. Hanes is an old global brand and one among the simplest brands in India and therefore the better part of this company that, it never compromises with its quality and supply premium quality of products.

Hanes Men Vest

#6 – Dollar Big Boss Vest

Dollar Bigboss is one among the favored brands in India and it’s ideal for daily uses for men. Dollar Bigboss may be a perfect combination of favor and great comfort within the market.

The vest is formed from 100% premium Egyptian cotton yarn and this makes the vest soft and skin-friendly. Dollar BigBoss Vest has also made an interesting presence across e-commerce platforms and social media.

The Dollar Industries Limited has largely entered across 29 states in India. The Dollar BigBoss Vest has appeared as the highest-selling Indian innerwear brand across India like Jordan, Kuwait, Oman then many countries within the world. 

Their mission is to rise as India’s driving and most-loved innerwear brand. Dollar BigBoss provides superior quality of Vest and also confirms customer satisfaction. The Vest of this company is out there on different e-commerce platforms.

Dollar Bigboss Mens Cotton Vest

#7 – Dixcy Scott Vest

Dixcy Scott aims to supply affordable and quality innerwear to all or any segments of the population. This brand was established in 1982 in Tirupur South India, it provides a premium range of Vest within the market and that they are increasing their footprint across the planet. 

The Dixcy has arranged to capture the mass imagination with its quality over 420 products, distributed across 120,000+ stores through 1200+ distributors. Over the last 32 years, Dixcy has evolved its product from innerwear to a life-style brand within the market. 

The famous celebrity Salman Khan has endorsed the Dixcy Vest brand through TV ads and made it one among the foremost popular and successful brands in India. 

The latest technology has given the standard and quantity to Dixcy an enormous boost, 5 Lakh pieces are produced during a day then distributed in 1,20,000 Stores. Vests of Dixcy’s brand are easily available on different e-commerce websites.

Dixcy Scott Mens Vest

#8 – Viking Vest

Viking is the most famous vest brand in India and it’s an Indian based company. It had been established in 1976 and thereafter it’s grown from small business to professional undergarment manufacturer. 

The best part of Viking is that they manufacture knitted garments like briefs, camisoles, and Vest also. aside from men and ladies it also manufactures kid’s garments. The tagline of this company is to “Change, grow, learn and evolve”.

Viking always assures to supply the simplest quality of Vest and it always meets customer satisfaction. They use eco-friendly and modern production techniques for creating Vests. Viking always does prompt delivery, assures quality & it’s available on the e-commerce website at a reasonable price.

They are faithful to their word and really responsive. Viking has the premium quality of the vest at a reasonable price and their testimonials are so positive.

Viking Mens vests

#9 – ONN Vest

The vest from the ONN brand always provides you with a superb feel and fit. The cotton fabric fits sort of a second skin on your body and provides a cosy fit. ONN may be a premium innerwear and informal wear brand for men.

For the primary time the company tried into the women and youngsters category with winter thermals. ONN offers premium quality Vest for men and it also offers a spread of products like brief, boxer, and vest within the market.

The Vests from ONN Company are often utilized in the summer season or once you are chilling out together with your friends. Senior vice chairman of LUX Industries VP Saket said that “they specialize in their premium brand ONN to enhance margins. 

They have attempted thermals for teenagers and ladies under ONN and if they get proper recognition, they’ll venture into more range.

ONN Premium mens Cotton Vest

#10 – Macroman Vest

The vision of Macroman is to ascertain the longer term fashion and it’s been delivering it too. Macroman covers the whole range of knitted products from casual wear to whole innerwear. 

The Macroman Company became one among the highest listed companies within the Indian market. Today it’s earned the trust of many consumers within the market and it’s tons of satisfied customers globally.

The Vest products of Macroman are made up of the foremost elegant yarns sourced from across the world. Modern and advanced technology is employed for dyeing and bleaching to sustain competitive quality standards within the Market.

Macroman Company also invests in essential research to supply environment-friendly garments and minimize carbon footprint to avoid pollution and save the environment. they provide an honest quality of Vest on both offline and online platforms.

Macroman Vests

How to measure vest size?

To avoid wearing the incorrect size of Vest, first of all take a measuring tape and wrap it around your chest right below your nipples to require the right measurement of your vest size. The second step that you simply can take is to wrap the tape around your stomach then you’ll get a transparent idea of your vest size.

Why wear the vest under a shirt?

The most important reason for wearing the vest under the Shirt or T-shirt is, it absorbs the sweat and prevents it from reaching your Shirt. Everyone features a different skin type, and therefore the vest protects your cloth from oil and sweats that make your shirt last longer.

How to wear a vest?

Wearing a vest under your shirt or T-shirt gives you an honest look and confidence. Wearing Vest within the right way causes you to feel comfortable and provides you with an aesthetic look.

The correct way to wear a Vest is to face and wear normally through your head and make sure all the strip and bottom side of the vest shouldn’t vent. 

How to remove Vest?

Vest plays an important role in checking out absorbing sweat and oil. After the day or during stripping the vest, hold the vest together with your hand crossly and pull it in an upward direction through your head gently. Through this manner, you’ll easily remove your vest.

How to fold a men’s vest?

A folding vest or folding clothes, there’s always an accurate thanks to fold it. If you’re not folding it in the correct way, it’s going to get wrinkled and it impacts the standard of the vest. So always fold it in a gentle way and it keeps it safe.

Which is the best vest for men in India?

I have mentioned above about all types of best vest brands within the market but still, if you are unsure which is the best vest for you then LUX VENUS Men’s Cotton Vest would be the recommended brand for you. 

It gives you a relaxed fit while wearing and can snug for the whole day. The vest from Lux Venus is out there with a contemporary fit and has wider armholes that offer you ultimate comfort. 

It is crafted from 100% combed cotton, hence these vests assure you that you are comfortable.

The vests are quite thin and lightweight and aside from this confirm to not bleach it just wash it in warm water.

Conclusion – Choose the simplest Vest Brand

The Vest for men has experienced numerous changes since past years within the market from style to comfort for each age. These Vest brands in India are providing amazing innerwear for Male and females and further. 

They manufacture more designing and classy Vest with the assistance of recent production techniques. We’ve listed the highest Vest brands in India for Men and aside from it; we’ve also mentioned the simplest Vest for Men. 

You can choose any brand listed in particular the chosen brands are manufacturing the simplest Vest within the market that’s easily accessible offline and on a web Platform. 

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