11 Best Bridal Fashion Trends in 2022

Bridal Fashion

Contemporary fashion has always put a twist on the beautiful classical looks, like Ariana Grande’s Audrey Hepburn-inspired look on her big day. She looked like a timeless beauty in a Vera Wang Haute gown. One more example is that of heiress Ivy Getty in the famous ‘broken-mirror’ look at her wedding, which made her the talk of the town for days. Of course, a long list of celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Priyanka Chopra, and Sophie Turner have done their share in adding classical looks to the bridal couture history. 

The Bridal Fashion Week has shown us that 2022 will write fashion history in golden ink. The one thing that will govern the bridal couture industry greater than ever before is the need for individuality and more fabulous personal taste and customization this year. Galia Lahav Couture’s head designer says that 2022 is a year of bold changes; she states that there will be greater emphasis on sustainable fashion trends. She also states that there will be a shift towards bold, extravagant, and statement-making pieces. 

So, here are the top 11 bridal fashion trends for 2022 that will make your big day all the more special:

Multiples Pieces For THAT Look:

The increase in non-traditional bridal wear has increased dramatically over the past few years. One example is that of bridal separates. Bridal separates are multiple pieces of clothing that make your overall bridal look unique. Bridal separates are among the many choices that brides mull over when they want options between a classical wedding dress and something else. Not to forget, we also saw separates on the runaway of the bridal fashion week circuit as a contemporary and different wedding look. 

Feathers Help You Fly Better:

Dramatic feathers will be a part of many wedding looks this year; many were also displayed during the fashion week by renowned names in the fashion industry. In addition, our favourite feathers are making their place in the bridal wear catalogue due to the return of large-scale weddings. We have to say; there is nothing more extravagant than some feathers on your gown for your big day!

Deep V-Necklines Are Chic:

We are also seeing deep V-Necklines back in the game as many debuted collections for bridal wear showcased them this season. Although a daring concept, a V-Neckline can give you a flattering look if worn correctly. 

Sustainability Is Your Responsibility:

A lot of brides are looking for sustainable pieces for their special day. They want a versatile wedding look that they can style with different accessories to look like a completely new look on any other day. They want it to be worn repeatedly and not just sit in their closet collecting dust. Brides have become increasingly eco-conscious, and hence designers are also focusing on looks that are re-wearable and even classically simple. 


Many brides love mixing and matching their outfits with items that have some cultural or emotional significance for them. Whether for fun or some sentimental value – it is all the rage these days. We have already seen accessories like bridal gloves and hats, different purses, and even birdcage veils at many weddings.

More Than One Look For That One Day:

Traditional wedding dresses will always be an option for brides when deciding on their wedding ensemble. Still, as we look into 2022, we see that brides have increasingly different needs and demands for what they want their bridal look to be. They have started enjoying multiple looks for their big day, and they choose two, sometimes even three, looks. The first one is the look for the vow ceremony. The second is the one they change into to mingle more freely among guests. The third look could be anything from their reception outfit to their departure outfit from the venue. 

There’s More To A Wedding Look Than All White:

While white is the go-to choice of many brides and is always there in bridal collections, the pops of colour here and there made the 2022 bridal collections look all the more breathtaking. A few designers showed a vast array of pastel shades. In addition, these dresses had many floral and colourful designs that made the overall dresses look all the more breathtaking. Moreover, we have also been seeing more and more black hues in the bridal catalogue, looking downright amazing! 

Balloon Sleeves Are Back From The Regency Era:

Puff sleeves are also back with a modern twist like most regency designs. While we mostly see the trend in net sleeves and lacework, it makes the brides look regal and every bit the queens they are. It is safe to say that balloon sleeves can be very flattering and give a simple wedding dress the perfect drama (if that is your thing!). 

Slits High As Your Thigh:

Many designers have incorporated thigh-high slits into their designs this year. While small slits have always been a part of different wedding dresses, thigh-high slits in wedding dresses look fashionable. They are super comfortable for the brides as well.

Transitional Appearances:

Transitional appearances and pieces are here to stay and will become a massive trend in 2022. It is easy for the bride to meet guests and walk around comfortably in these bridal capes, removable trails, and overskirts. In addition, they are super convenient because they can give you two looks in one dress.

Corset Bodices: 

Corset bodices are back, and they have a modern twist to them. Not only do the corsets make your dress look ten times more structured, but it also adds a re-wearable element to your dress. You can wear this dress to a party with your friends after accessorizing it properly. They add a more excellent definition to the overall bodice of the dress and add an old-fashioned yet contemporary touch to it.

The Bottom Line:

Any dress can be your pick for your wedding day, depending upon your personal choices and preferences. Remember, it’s your big day. It is entirely up to you how you want to look, whether a simple, timeless wedding gown or an extravagant and bold ensemble. Just make sure you are spending enough time choosing a dress and making an effort to look at all the available options. So choose wisely, and have no regrets on your big day!

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