14+ The Best Free Websites to Watch Live Sports Online


Sports viewing is a popular pastime enjoyed by many in different forms, from radio to online streaming. You can stream live sports from anywhere in the world via online streaming services, which are used primarily for major sports like football, cricket, tennis, golf, and others.

The following websites are top-rated for free sports streaming

1. Markkystreams.com

Markkystreams.com is a free, p2p streaming service that allows you to stream live matches from the NFL, MLB, AFL and NBA. Markkystreams lets you live-broadcast all of the most recent sports events. This site is cool for college football streams.

Markkystreams doesn’t ask you for money or create an account to stream online sports. This is the best online streaming sports website.

2. StreamEast

Streameast.live, a sports streaming site, offers free soccer, NHL, MLB, NHL and CFB streams. The website’s interface is clean and looks great. You can immediately see the live streams on the site.

The live video loads quickly and runs in HD quality. StreamEast offers the best way to stream American sports free of charge on your desktop or mobile browsers. The premium version comes with Ad-Free.

3. OK Live TV

OK Live TV offers live streaming via a variety of streaming links. No subscription is required. Simply click on the OKLiveTV channel you want to stream, and that’s it. The video player is easy to use and the buffer time is very short. Although the site isn’t a legitimate streaming platform, it does offer some premium live TV channels.

Channels are available in all genres: from sports and entertainment to movies and documentaries to religion, as well as channels that cover adult content. Although some links might not work, the majority of them work. OKLiveTV is worth a look to satisfy your streaming hunger.

4. VIPBox

VipBox is one of the best streaming sites for NBA games. It’s versatile and simple to use. VipBox offers streaming of NBA games as well as a variety of sporting events, including Baseball, Hockey and Tennis. It is your one-stop source for all sports-related content.

This streaming website offers a schedule of future sporting events. The only problem with this website or any other streaming site for free is the presence of ads. VipBox may have ads that are too explicit for 18+ users. VipBox allows you to chat with women in full screen and pop-ups from porn sites. To avoid these ads, you should use an ad-blocker.

5. 720pstream

720pstream is a great way to watch free sports matches from any location. You don’t need to create an account, download an application, pay a fee, or have a cable. You can access the website from any device and stream live matches of your favorite sports. 720pstream is all you need.

6. Sony LIV

You can stream live Indian sports via Sony LIV. Along with Cricket, Sony LIV also has broadcasting rights to other premium sports like soccer, rugby, racing and MMA.

These games can be viewed for free without a subscription. However, the stream is delayed by 5 minutes if they are not available. It’s a good deal considering the content. This service is only available in India. If you want to use it elsewhere, you will need a VPN app with servers in India. Sony Liv is a great choice if you’re serious about finding a sports streaming website.

7. FootyBite

FootyBite, a streaming platform for football fans, is available. Live streaming of premium football can be accessed from LaLiga and Serie A as well as the Bundesliga, MLS, EPL and other countries. You can stream live from the URLs provided by the site up to 30 minutes before the match. You can choose from a variety of URLs to access the live streaming URLs if some are not working. It is the easiest platform to stream live sporting events.

8. EPLSite

EPLSite.Football hosts streaming links. Click on the link to be taken to EPLSite. You can stream live soccer free of charge in the UK using SD and HD links. However, the only problem with the service are the aggressive Ads that pop up and click on. EPLSite allows you to stream the event for free if you’re comfortable with the Ads.

9. Now TV

Now TV is an internet TV service that offers a subscription-free, contract-free, high-quality TV service in the UK, Ireland and Italy. Sky plc owns it. Sky Network now owns all TV channels, live sports, programs, and movies. Sky Network’s Sports Channels and live sports channels can be accessed, as well as other entertainment shows.

You will need to pay PS9.99 per month for the service. However, there is a 14 day free trial. Up to 10 Sports Channels can be accessed. You can access Now TV on 60+ devices including Smart TVs and consoles. A 14-day trial plan is available for those who are serious about streaming important sporting events.

10. ESPNWatch

ESPN is the only standalone Sports Streaming App that allows you to stream live sports programming. ESPN broadcasts many programs. Subscribing ESPN+ will give you access to thousands of live events. These live events include ESPN 2, 3, U, SEC Network and ESPNews.

It has a great interface that works even with average internet speeds. ESPN is a legal platform to stream live games.

11. Loala 1

Laola1 is a streaming site based in Austria. You can stream content from your country on the international version of the site, which is not region-blocked. Loala 1 can be a great site for countries that don’t have broadcast rights. There are many streams of football from all over the world. It has a clean interface and a minimalist design.

The international version of the service, though it is not available in Austria, will not disappoint. This service will allow Americans to view matches that are not normally available on satellite TV or Digital Media.

12. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch, a streaming site that streams live tv from the internet, hosts links from a variety of sources. Live TV channels can be viewed from the UK, USA, Canada, Italy and Russia as well as Spain and other European countries. You can also switch to sports streaming channels with a click on the website.

Many streams might not work because the channel hosts live channels from unreliable sources. However, the site offers multiple links to a single stream. The site may contain aggressive advertisements. This little inconvenience is worth it considering the many channels it offers for free without any subscription or account.


Smooth, uncluttered streaming platform for live sports viewing from the USA. The USTVGO is simpler than other sites that are cluttered with Ads. The site has an elementary video player, but it loads video with no buffers even if your internet speed is decent. There are a few channels on the site that broadcast sports, so you might find them.

14. 123TVNow

The site will make you fall in love. There is no registration, no annoying ads, and no pop-ups. Just select the channel that you want to view and then click the play button. The smooth player will quickly play the channel you choose. It looks very similar to YouTube. You can also view the schedule for upcoming and running shows.

The majority of channels are from the US or UK. You get news, entertainment, sports, and movies for free, without any redirects and bullshit ads. 123TV provides live streaming of prime content wherever you are. You can instantly transform your browser into a wireless TV by simply connecting it to the internet.

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