16 Best Live TV Streaming Sites for Free [Working Sites]

Looking for Free Live TV Streaming Websites in 2022? Check out our top picks! With so much great content available online, there’s no need to spend a fortune on cable TV. You can access a wide range of digital content all over the world. Finding streaming sites that offer live TV shows and movies for free is one of the best and most exciting parts of web surfing. You can find all your favorite and most interesting web series online. So why not make your next boring day more enjoyable by streaming some free TV?

1. YuppTV

The free TV streaming platform offers more than 100 channels and on-demand movies. It partners with major TV networks, movie studios, digital media companies, and publishers to earn revenue from video ads in between programming. Pluto TV curates public content and organizes it into categories such as comedy, sports, chillout, gaming, entertainment, radio, etc. The app is compatible with Android, iOS and Roku as well as Apple TV and other similar devices. Its lightweight design is further enhanced by its intuitive interface that draws inspiration from the established cable TV grid.

2. BBC iPlayer

BBC is the newest entrant in live streaming content. It can provide you with your daily dose of entertainment and news. The illustrious name in media broadcasting has channels like BBC One, Two and Three, Four, CBBC. Radio1, BBC News. CBeebies. BBC Alba. BBC Parliament. S4C. The content is divided into several categories, such as Comedy and Arts, Food, Documentaries and Drama, History, Films, Science and Music, Lifestyle, News, Sports, and Sport. For various BBC merchandise, such as towels, pendants, DVD sets, and mugs you can also access the ‘Shop’ section.

3. TV time

TV Time is an online streaming service that allows anyone to stream TV shows and movies for free. You can also create to-do lists, watch lists, and libraries for what you want to watch with this application.

You will find hundreds of headlines and channels, including reality and classic shows, as well as series from every genre. To access any video content, it is not necessary to sign up. With personalised tracking systems for TV and movies, you can set your own calendar to manage your movies and shows.

4. Nfl stream

This free streaming site for tv and video is sure to please you. It supports many languages, including Spanish, Arabic, French, Italian, Arabic, and French. The Chrome extension can be installed to resolve any playback issues. It is easy to view live TV on mobile devices and the PC in an optimized manner. It doesn’t have unwanted ads, which ensures smooth viewing. The simple design makes navigation feel like a child’s play. HyfyTV can provide live news, the latest movies, and match updates.


USTVGO offers free streaming of live TV with over 80 stations. There is no need for a membership. All you need to do is agree to stream any channel from USTVGO. The video player is easy to use with a low buffer speed. While the streaming rules are not perfect, the service does provide access to premium live TV networks.

6. 123tvnow.com

The live streaming platform is a great option for TV lovers who want to enjoy the best of television. The collaboration with over 70 channels will ensure that users receive the best quality content in an easy-to-use manner. You can easily access the content of the website by selecting from entertainment, news, and movies. All sports fans will find 123tvnow.com a great place to keep up-to-date on the latest developments in the sport world.

7. Showbox

Showbox is the platform that will allow you to enjoy high-quality TV and movie shows without being distracted by advertisements. Its attractiveness is further enhanced by the fact that it has a large content library and is free. Showbox is a joy to use, even if you were beginning to worry about the interface. It has all the menus you need to navigate and select your entertainment. Showbox is a standout among its peers thanks to its eye-catching graphics, high quality video and optimised performance. You can also download your favorite content to view offline. To keep up with your constant desire for new and exciting content, the app is regularly updated.

8. Streema

This powerful platform allows you to stream your favourite content from all over the world. It has the largest selection of heterogeneous content. The content accumulated around the world is grouped according to countries, cities and genres. This makes it easy to navigate through the categories before you choose. A new pop-up will appear for each channel so you can view TV from that channel. Its unique combination of a TV and Radio station makes it stand out from the rest. It also has an app that is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

9. Epctv

The site is mainly focused on US channels, but can provide you with a variety of entertainment options on the move. Epctv’s user interface is clean and easy to use. It can easily categorize contents into clear categories. Although there are a lot of ads, the rich content is sufficient to keep you entertained. You can also stream ESPN live via a link called EpvTv. You can sort the video content by country, or choose from the general interface that offers categories like Entertainment, News and Sports. Each TV channel is located under the main interface.

10. YuppTV

Another popular choice for Indian viewers is this one. It stores content from 300 Indian TV channels, including NDTV India and Aaj Tak. Zoom, Me-TV News, ABP News, E24. Music India, B4U Movies. 9XM. B4U Movies. Pogo. True Sports. Cartoon Network. These channels offer a wide range of content, including TV shows and movies. YuppTV’s unique feature is its superior quality content. YuppTV allows you to browse content in regional languages like Telegu, Gujarati and Bengali. You can also find YuppTV Originals, Web Series and catch-up TV shows for video enthusiasts.

11. TVCatchup

TVCatchup is a companion app that allows you to enjoy the benefits of live TV streaming without having to download a separate app. The app allows you to watch both UK-based and satellite TV channels. The Internet TV service retransmits Channel 4, BBC, ITV, Channel 5 as well as many other channels for live viewing. TVCatchup is a better alternative to TV streaming sites that are full of ads and pop-ups. It has a professional, clean design. For live streaming, you can download the app from Google Play Store and Apple iTunes.

12. Hotstar

You will be spoiled for choice thanks to the rich collection of over 100000 hours of movies and TV content available in nine languages. This site is mostly targeted at Indian viewers, and therefore offers a wide range of content. Hotstar, a Star India product, has a large following due to its extensive entertainment show catalog. Hotstar was able to make a name for itself among peer-to-peer streaming TV sites by offering an exclusive online telecast from the ICC World Cup. Hotstar is the solution for over 300 million Over The Top customers looking for HD TV and movies. Hotstar recently streamed the Rio Olympics in India, which has resulted in an increase in its revenue through overflowing ads. The platform is well-designed and offers both a free and a paid subscription. The paid model features a richer content library and a no-ad system.

13. TVPlayer

TVPlayer allows you to access more than 80 live TV channels, and in high-definition. You can access 60 channels of the service without paying any additional money. The remaining channels are available by paying a small subscription fee. The service is currently available in the United Kingdom, but it is expected to expand its reach into other countries such as Canada, USA and Europe. These well-designed TV services allow viewers to enjoy live TV, and can even be recorded for future viewing. It mainly houses English channels but TVPlayer can also include Hindi channels to cater for the large NRI population living in UK.

14. popcorn flix

Popcorn Flix offers live streaming of web series, movies, and TV shows to a wide audience. This catalog generates classic series, movies and Blockbusters TV hits. It also broadcasts some of the most cult B-movie series.

Popcorn Flix has ads that will allow users to access the site without registering.

15. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch allows you to stream content from 35 countries around the world. This rich variety makes it an attractive choice for those looking for entertainment. Stream2Watch offers a wide range of content, so you can choose from the many countries in Europe, including Canada, the USA, UK, Russia and Italy. With just a click, you can switch easily to the Sports Streaming Channel. This live TV streaming portal has a unique feature: it provides multiple links to one stream, so you can easily switch to the next stream if one does not work. Although there is a lot of advertising on this channel, it makes up for it with rich content that is completely free and without any subscription or account creation.

16. Airtel TV

Airtel TV has more than 350 live TV channels, which can cater to all entertainment needs in a remarkable way. This platform allows you to access a wide range of news, sports and movies. On those lazy weekends, when you want to relax and enjoy a bowl of caramel popcorn and a hand-picked collection of over 10000 blockbusters, this platform can help. Airtel TV is a channel that caters specifically to Indian audiences. It offers 15 channels with programs in different languages. Airtel TV can be downloaded on any device, including your smartphone, tablet or smart TV to get a year of Amazon Prime subscription for free.

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