25 Energy-Efficient Tips To Lower Electricity Costs

Energy-Efficient Tips

We would all love to save money on our electricity costs because it puts more money into our pockets. Plus, when you take the time to conserve energy, you are also reducing your virtual footprint on the Earth. 

This means that you not only save yourself a little bit of cash, but you reduce the damage you and your family are doing to the environment around you. Let’s take a look at 25 energy-efficient tips to lower your electricity costs so you can do your part.

  1. Thermostat – The thermostat is one of those things inside the house that family members silently fight over. One will turn it up, and one will turn it down. Get a smart thermostat, download the app, set the temperatures, and lock it.
  2. Lights – Turn the lights off when you leave the room. They draw more power than you may think. 
  3. Vampires – The little energy-sucking vampires found in every room of the house can draw constant power. Granted, it is small amounts, but if you figure that you have ten chargers plugged in at any given time that are not in use, you can see how it can add up.
  4. Appliances – Old appliances may work great but pull a ton of power. Upgrade to energy-saving units, or smart products, to keep the amount of energy that they use to a minimum.
  5. Windows – If your windows are old, or you can feel a draft coming through them, invest in some that are energy efficient. They may cost a substantial amount up front, but they will pay for themselves with the savings you will get on your electricity bill.
  6. Door Weatherstripping – Change the old weatherstripping on the outer doors every couple of years to prevent air from coming in and going out.
  7. Cold Water Washing – Turn the water to cold whenever you do a load of laundry.
  8. Shorter Showers – Long, hot showers feel nice but can take more energy than needed. Take shorter showers with cooler water.
  9. Turn Down Water Heater – Turn the controls down on the hot water heater, so it does not need to stay on as long to get the water up to temperature.
  10. Avoid Hot Tubs – If you want to soak in a hot tub, go to a pool with one. These items can take a ton of electricity to run correctly.
  11. Solar Panels – Install some solar panels onto the house that can produce their own electricity. The power company may even owe you some money if you install enough.
  12. Insulation – Have some insulation sprayed into your attic, and install some rolls in your crawl space and basement.
  13. Compare Service Providers – When looking to save money on your electric bill, check the Melbourne electricity options on a comparison site and see if you can find one that offers reliable service at an affordable price.
  14. Light Bulbs – Change all the light bulbs for LEDs or smart versions.
  15. Power Strips – Use power strips wherever you can so they can be flipped off when not in use. You can always spring for some smart power strips that will turn things off when not in use.
  16. Light Switches – If you cannot get your family to follow the simple process of flipping the switch, switch the controls over to smart light switches with sensors. They will turn the lights on and off as needed, depending upon the foot traffic in and out of the room.
  17. Temperature – Turn the temperature down. Even one degree will make a big difference.
  18. Use Fans – Use fans to circulate the temperature in the room.
  19. Throw Rugs – Place throw rugs onto the tile and wood flooring to help trap the heat in a room.
  20. Sunlight – If the sun is out, take advantage of it by opening the curtains so the rays can warm the room up without using a heater.
  21. Change Filter – Change the filter in the HVAC system at least once a year.
  22. Clean Ducts – Have the heating and cooling ducts cleaned out once a year.
  23. Furniture Placement – Arrange the furniture in such a way as to keep the vent unobstructed.
  24. Open Vents – Ensure all the vents are open in the rooms that need to be heated or cooled.
  25. Security Lights – Install solar-powered security lights with a battery backup instead of ones that are wired directly.

Not all of these 25 ways to reduce your electricity use may apply to you, which is fine. Go through the points and take action on the ones that do apply to you. Other than that, keep working towards a more efficient home. Whether you need to remodel or touch up, the expense paid out at first will be worth it in the end.

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