3 Essential Tips to Hire a Ghostwriter

Finding a ghostwriter may not seem like a hard step for those who have previously worked with a ghost and got a book written for them. But it sure sounds daunting for someone entirely new to the process.

You want someone skilled to work on your book and take its storytelling to a level that you can not reach if you write it yourself. Or you want someone to give your story the time it deserves.

And to start the hiring process, there must be some questions in your head: What should I look for in a hire a ghostwriter? What should be the budget for the whole writing process? Will the ghost cover my writing style and produce the book I want?

Keep reading our 3 ghostwriting tips to know what you should consider when hiring a ghostwriter.

Focus on the ghost’s expertise, past work, and writing style

You want someone who has expertise in the genre you want your ghost to write a book on. If you wish to have a book written on a drama romance novel, it won’t be wise to hire someone who has experience in writing science fiction stories.

You will know the kind of work your ghost does by checking what they have written in the past. Moreover, have look at the past works of your ghost to have a feel of their writing style and tone. You can also request a sample task most related to your desired work to get a sense of their ability to adapt to different writing styles.

Negotiate a reasonable fee

Hiring a ghost writers for hire comes with its terms and fees and you may want to set a budget if you would like to hire professionals and experts in the industry. Be transparent about your budget during the search process or ask for a proposal so that the ghostwriter can convey her budget and terms according to the scope of work. If the writer asks for a substantially higher rate, they may not be the right fit.

But it would be better if both parties get to negotiate their rates to settle on a mutual number. It’s important to set the right foot and have a respectful discussion about the budget to not ruin the potential chance of working with a professional writer just because she offers a slightly higher rate than your proposed budget.

Discuss the timeline and scope of work

As part of the agreement, including a timeline and scope of work makes the ghostwriting process easy in terms of defining the writer’s role and expectations. If you have a tight deadline that needs to be met, mention it beforehand while discussing the agreement to avoid any delays.

It is also essential to define the services provided by the ghostwriter to clarify the obligations and expectations that need to be met. Specify if the scope of work also involves editing or proofreading along with writing to develop a mutually agreed-upon work plan.

Wrapping up

Ghostwriting is a long-term partnership between the author and the ghost that needs to be started with a strong foundation. We hope these tips help you partner with someone to maximize the chances of success for your Book Publishing.

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