3 Ingenious Ways To Boost Curb Appeal Before You Sell Your Home

Curb Appeal Before You Sell Your Home

When you boost curb appeal by improving landscaping, adding exterior lighting and putting a fence around a side yard garden, you’ll add an overall value of 10 percent to your home, according to CNN Money. Some methods of boosting curb appeal offer big payoffs and the three that we’ve just mentioned will be practical choices when you’re preparing to sell your home. To help you make curb appeal improvements that lead to a fast home sale which generates a good profit, here are a few expert tips to make the job easier.

Give your landscaping some polish

The team at Better Homes and Gardens believe that home sellers should consider the size of their lawn and the shapes and slopes of their front yard before deciding how to landscape. Once you’ve sized up the dimensions of your front yard and considered the size of your home, relative to its front yard, start to add landscaping elements that are in scale, such as a flagstone path that winds through the front yard and beautiful flowering plants (Dragon’s Blood and Catmint are solid picks). The bigger the home and yard, the bigger the flagstone path pavers and flowering plants should be. 

Light up your home exterior

Many home buyers will pay more for a house with good outdoor lighting.  Erinn Valencich is a talented designer who shared some sensible and exciting exterior lighting tips. She recommends illuminating the exterior of a home by updating outdoor light fixtures. When you do upgrade, you’ll boost nighttime curb appeal dramatically. Outdoor lighting fixtures are hardscaping essentials. One good option to consider is tall bollards which may be placed along a pathway in your front yard, which leads up to the front door of your house. Your pathway lighting should always shine in a downward direction, so it doesn’t glare into the eyes of visitors. Lights shouldn’t be too bright. They should offer enough light to boost night vision.

Build a fence around your side garden

Your side yard will show from the street, so it factors into curb appeal. If you’re into DIY tasks, you may be able to build a fence yourself. You’ll need building supplies, plus power tools which make the job easier. Just be sure to learn how to use power tools safely. HGTV master builder, Carter Oosterhouse, thinks that cedar fences are attractive and functional options. When you fence in a side garden with cedar panels, you’ll create a rich look instantly, which really enhances curb appeal. Your home will look neater, cleaner and fresher when it’s viewed from the street because your side garden won’t be visible.

When you make this trio of home improvements before listing your property, you may be able to get an extra ten percent for your house. While you’ll need to hire pros to do the work, or put in a bit of sweat equity of your own, you’ll find that the benefits are big. If you shop around for deals on supplies and/or labor, you should be able to make cost-effective changes which make your home look amazing.

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