3D effect of sport broadcast

Along with these Tracking systems linked to sports performance, the application of technological solutions such as the “instant replay”, the “hawk’s eye”, or the “VAR” video arbitration system itself, which is having such an impact and impact on the development of World Cup in Russia , are examples of technologies that are having a rapid implementation and a fairly high degree of acceptance, which is helping a lot to lose the fear of innovating in the incorporation of technology in sports competitions.

From the perspective of the viewer on a global scale,

 The development of the media (and television in particular) has caused the degree of penetration of sport in audiovisual consumption habits to grow exponentially. This has been so, in large part, thanks to the development of high definition, and in this sense, the emergence of 8K television will allow sporting events to be broadcast with the maximum definition that the human eye is capable of perceiving, and it will be one of the innovations that will mark the consumption of epl중계 on television in the future.

Likewise, the incorporation of 3D effects in sports broadcasts

Offers the viewers the possibility of accessing content that enriches and improves the experience of watching a sports show from the living room. And in the coming years, we will see how virtual reality, augmented reality and holographic virtual reality are going to allow us to generate even more impressive content, to the point that it is beginning to be a very serious concern among the so-called properties, how to make the live stadium attendance continues to hold its appeal.

Hence, sports entities are working on the development of solutions

aimed at improving the experience of the fan who attends the stadium, incorporating very diverse technologies such as LED lighting (essential to be able to broadcast in 3D); the Videotaping shows; or the availability of connectivity solutions that facilitate the use of mobile phones, as well as the analysis of all the information and data generated around a sporting event, in order to develop predictive models that allow the spectator’s needs to be anticipated.

We are therefore witnessing a crucial moment that anticipates the emergence of some technological solution that will forever change the way we perceive and enjoy the spectacle of sport. Just as the emergence of smart phones was a milestone in the evolution of mobile telephony, I honestly believe that we are on the verge of the emergence of that technological innovation that causes that ” eureka moment ” that Smartphone’s once represented and that quickly everyone The world understood and assumed that it would mark a before and after. The sports industry is behind that ” eureka moment ” that will surely not be long in coming

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