4 Tips on How to Eat Cold Rock for The First Time

As someone who has never eaten Cold Rock before, you might feel a little apprehensive to eat it on your first try, especially if you don’t know how it’s supposed to taste like. After all, it’s not like other ice cream products that are traditionally solid, so trying something this new and different can be pretty intimidating. To help you get over the initial ick factor of eating Cold Rock Ice Creamery, we’ve put together some basic tips and tricks on how to eat cold rock without any issues.

1) Check if you can eat cold rock

The funny thing about cold rock is that most people are scared to eat it for the first time. This can be because of its shape, color, or just the fact that they aren’t sure what they will taste like. Here are a few tips to make your first experience with cold rock that much more enjoyable:

-Take your time with the whole process. There is no rush so you can spend as much time chewing and enjoying as you need before taking a drink of water

-Cold rock tastes best when paired with a really cold drink such as ice tea or iced coffee

-Start off small by trying one bite of cold rock at a time until you find the flavor you enjoy best

2) Choose your flavor carefully

For those who are unfamiliar with Cold Stone, their options come in a variety of unique flavors like Mocha Monkey Madness and Wrecking Ball, not to mention they offer vegan-friendly versions of some flavors. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the options when choosing your flavor so here are four tips to help you out:

There is no shame in starting with vanilla ice cream. Some people go straight for a super daring flavor right off the bat but even if you’re not too adventurous or want to save room for other things that day, it is perfectly fine to start with vanilla first. Consider getting a cake-inspired ice cream sandwich for dessert.

3) Prepare yourself emotionally

There are a few things to keep in mind when taking your first bite of cold rock. It may not be what you expect, and you’ll have to have an open mind.

Cold rock is not a meal so don’t try and gulp it down or eat too much.

Don’t play games with your body- the colder the better, so resist the urge to heat up or add milk.

Cold rock is essentially ice cream with a much higher fat content, so be aware that it will take longer for your stomach to recognize fullness and send signals about when you should stop eating. Give yourself ample time after having cold rock before engaging in any strenuous activity.

4) Prepare your cold rock tools

No one wants to show up to their job sweaty or stuck in a bad dress due to wearing the wrong thing, so make sure you’re prepared for the weather with a water-resistant jacket and slip-on shoes. Avoid dark colors as well because you don’t want the rock to stain your clothes.

Potholes, rocks, or roots can be difficult to see if they’re camouflaged by snow and ice, so take your time and pay attention to where you step or put your feet when you get out of your car.

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