5 Actions Every Sexual Abuse Victim Should Take Immediately

Sexual Abuse Victim

Sexual abuse is one of the most traumatic experiences in human life. It destroys your dignity and self-esteem as a person. It is so unfortunate that you never know when it will happen. But if it does, there are quick steps you can take to keep you safe.

Here are five actions every sexual abuse victim should take immediately.

Actions to Take Immediately After a Sexual Assault

  1. Hire a Sexual Assault Attorney

As mentioned earlier, you need to consult a sexual assault attorney. These lawyers are people who specialize in dealing with sexual assault cases. They know the right procedure to follow for a victim to get justice. 

If left in the wrong hands, a sexual assault case can take time for the victim to obtain justice. Therefore, you must hire an excellent sexual assault attorney to file a proceeding with sufficient 


  1. Get Medical Attention

Immediately after sexual assault, it is important that you or the victim, sees a doctor. It’s entirely up to you to do so based on your emotional, physical, and psychological needs. 

First, your doctor will treat your physical injury and make sure you are protected from sexually transmitted diseases. A rape kit consisting of a DNA sample and a blood sample is also provided. This evidence helps your sexual assault attorney file a strong proceeding. If you are not ready to press the claim, they will save that proof until you are prepared to do so,

  1. Get Counseling

After a sexual assault, the victim usually suffers serious mental and physical trauma. Recent research even shows that some victims try to take responsibility of the sexual assault and share in blame game. Apart from the attack itself, you are more depressed because you are not perceived as a victim who needs justice. 

This common phenomenon can prevent you from identifying yourself as a victim of sexual assault. When experiencing such trauma, you need to seek help from a therapist or counselor. They are professionals who are skilled in providing you with healing and tools to cope. 

  1. Tell Someone What Has Happened

Denial after sexual assault is common. From this denial, you may avoid processing your experience and remain silent. It’s a good idea to talk to someone you can trust about what happened. It might not be easy, but it’s essential. The person you speak to will be the first contact witness. Your sexual assault attorney will use their confession to protect you in court.

  1. Reconnect with yourself

It is not easy to feel like yourself again after a sexual assault. It is wise to process your trauma and cope with it. You could engage in social activities that will help you forget the incident.


Now that you know all the necessary actions to take immediately in the case of sexual assault, you have to be careful as you execute them. That way, you can stay safe while physically and mentally recovering from the aftermath.

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