5 benefits of a relaxing massage when you have anxiety and stress

Controlling your breathing, practicing yoga or meditating are wonderful tips for when anxiety and stress attack, but sometimes we need something more forceful, and believe it or not, a relaxing massage may be the answer. Beyond relaxing our muscles and freeing them from tension, this type of manual therapy is loaded with benefits on a mental level, affecting our health and well-being.

In fact, the pharmacist Rocío Escalante , owner of Arbosana Farmacia and director of the Rocío Escalante beauty center , has told us about all of them. If we were you, we would take them very seriously.They reduce the level of stress . “Both the maneuvers performed by the therapist, as well as the atmosphere that is breathed in the center, invite deep relaxation, by slowing the heart rate, which favors a feeling of inner peace and calm, which improves stress.”

 The truth is that this hour that we dedicate

 to being in the cabin receiving the 마사지 serves to stop, breathe and put the brakes on the dozens of recurring thoughts that assail us.Stimulate blood circulation . Do you feel heavy and this aggravates your discomfort? Is it as if you couldn’t with your body?” Circulation problems are common in people who work a lot of time standing or sitting, and lead to leg pain, swelling and even varicose veins “. If applied with a certain pressure, the massage also helps to reactivate the circulation,” says the expert.

Favor the elimination of toxins

 Poor diet, alcohol and tobacco consumption have a direct impact on our mood. Not in vain, they say that the stomach is the second brain, and if you have anxiety, we assure you that junk food feeds it as much as the worst of your enemies. “Although the body has various mechanisms to dispose of accumulated toxins, massage also favors their elimination, by stimulating the lymphatic vessels and nodes.”Combat anxiety . So, straight to the problem. “Relaxing massages help increase hormones such as serotonin (known as the hormone of happiness) or dopamine, while lowering cortisol levels (hormone related to stress). This balances the mood, increases feeling of well-being and combat anxiety

An antidote to stress that releases tension

In addition to improving certain physical disorders, shiatsu can also help improve stress , for example. Its great relaxing and tension-releasing power helps you unblock your body but, as experts in this discipline assure, it also helps you become aware of it more easily, as well as thoughts and emotions. It is for this reason that it is much more than a massage and it is precisely at this point that some detractors of this discipline arise. But the truth is that it is the only one of the oriental therapies recognized, along with acupuncture and anma (Japanese massage), officially by the Japanese Ministry of Health.

It is practiced over clothing, usually on a mat or mat on the floor and without the use of creams or oil. It’s soft so it’s also nice to receive. In addition to subtle pressures, it also often includes rotations and stretches. It is not aggressive at all, so it has hardly any contraindications, only that it is better to avoid it in cases of osteoporosis, skin infections, hemorrhages, fractures or epilepsy.

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