5 Best Moving Companies in The United States

Moving Companies in The United States

Do you want to shift to your new home or office without any tension? Hiring a good moving company can make stress less.

Indeed, shifting possessions from one place to another is a major problem. However, if you find a suitable moving company, it’s becomes very easy and comfortable to shift.

Here we describe the 5 best moving companies in the United States to connect you to the right shifting companies

  • Allied van lines
  • American van lines
  • North American Van lines
  • International van lines
  • JK moving services

Now, let’s see the details of each one by one:

  1. Allied Van Lines

Allied Van Lines company is a good choice if you want to shift with everything. Its team directly talks to figure out your estimated price. The professionals here have a big fleet of 3500 vehicles and skillful drivers to make your move smooth.

Moreover, they can help with different types of moving facilities like moving near, far state or to a different country. They are also very well trained in handling and moving things from one place to another. They can manage even manage the military families which have some special requirements to move.

  1. American Van Lines

This award-winning company is also considered one of the 5 best moving companies in the United States. It provides the best services to their customers as it can manage everything very well like:

  • moving furniture
  • packing
  • unpacking
  • storage
  • moving near or far, and many more.  

Furthermore, it has trained workers for handling delicate things like pianos, art, or antique collections.

  1. North American Moving Services

It is a moving company that helps people to move to far places or even to various countries. It has a good tracking system for the allocation of customer’s stuff.  Also, this company has large number of agents and trucks for the convenience of their customers on time.

Additionally, its professionals guide you for everything like giving tips for packing and unpacking. They also help clear the custom process and even make the whole shifting process smooth and easy by proper transportation.

  1. International Van Lines

International Van Lines (IVL) is a full-service moving company. The services of this company are better for long moves within states. Its professionals serve their customers, take care of their belongings, and handle valuable items carefully.

In addition to that, they provide 30 days of extra services of free storage, transporting vehicles, moving pianos, and many more for longer routes.

In general, some people say they don’t respond well. But overall it is one of the 5 best moving companies in the United States.

  1. JK Moving Services

JK Moving Services is another one of the best moving companies in the United States. Its professionals offer long-distance moves within as well as out of the states or other countries.

However, they have limited services in the D.C. area. But, this company has high ratings for customer satisfaction. They offer multiple services for moving from one place to another like:

  • Full moving service
  • Storage
  • Fragile only packing
  • GPS shipment tracking
  • Assembling and disassembling of furniture
  • Pool table and vehicle shipping
  • Antiques, arts, and collectibles shipping
  • Moving containers and supplies


Q. no. 1: What factors affect the cost of moving?

Answer: Distance, the weight of things, extra services, and time all affect the cost of moving.

Q. no. 2: Do moving companies offer the facility of packing?

Answer: Yes, they do offer packing if you any customer wants.

Q. no. 3: Do these 5 best moving companies in the United States offer services for transporting vehicles?

Answer: Yes, they do to all their clients at a reasonable rate.


In short, we can say that all the 5 best moving companies in the United States facilitate their customers fully. They have well-trained staff to help their customers in moving shifting from one place to another.

  • Moreover, they offer services to help people:
  • Pack and unpack to relocate the new home or office
  • Solve custom problems
  • Shift easily to other states or countries
  • Handle valuable possessions
  • Provide feasible transportation vehicles, and many more

Best of luck for your comfortable shifting in United States.

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