5 Best Small Investment Opportunities with High ROI in Pakistan

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Being a local citizen of Pakistan, one always wonders how to make a sound investment with profitable returns. It seems impossible to invest your hard-earned money with stagnant income when inflation skyrockets. 

But guess what? 

One can spend their money wisely with small investment opportunities! To make a decent investment, one needs to set aside the money strategically with a certain percentage every month. Opportunities like plots for sale are among the most common items on our list. 

Care to know more? In this blog, you will find the road map to the financial freedom you have always dreamt about. 

Most common types of small investment opportunities you should try

Investing in savings can sound a bit intimidating, try any of the following choices, but if you are serious about earning profitable returns. You will not be disappointed. 

1- Real estate

Real estate investment is on top of our list. People buy and sell property all the time. Whether you plan to migrate to a metropolitan city like Multan and Lahore or even a job, buying plots can be a fruitful asset. 

One of the best things about Pakistan’s real estate is the safest investment option. Property ownership is transferred with due diligence. With time, the market value of the plot you bought will increase. For instance, if you are interested in purchasing a property in Multan, you can opt for the latest housing projects like royal orchard Multan, situated at a prime location. 

If you cannot afford the one-time payment, opt for buying plots in easy installments. It may take time, but in the end, it’s a good option for a small investment. You can start small by buying 3 marla plots or 5 marla plots. 

2- Stock investment 

Another opportunity for small investment exists in the shape of the stock market. If you do not have primary knowledge about stock investment,  hire a broker. The standard stock return is 10% in Pakistan. Investing Rs. 1000 in stock will come with a return of Rs. 1,100 after a certain amount of time (or sometimes within hours!). 

Although stock investment can be a little risky, you need to have adequate knowledge about the stock market and the choice of stocks you want to invest in. It’s in your best interest to build a stock portfolio reducing the overall risk. A pricey stock may mean higher ROI, but it also means higher risk. 

3- Forex trading 

Did you ever try currency trading? If not, now is the chance to invest wisely in Forex trading. It is highly convenient and easy for starters. 

Before investment, study the currency trends and research the latest currency rates and economic conditions. Only then can you have near foresight to invest in the currency of your choice. 

Forex trading is similar to gold investment, which makes up for an excellent choice. People usually invest in American Dollar, Kuwaiti Dinar, or Sterling Pounds. 

4- Purchasing bonds 

People are always keen to purchase a bond. The only downside? Winning is a lucky shot. Bonds are available at low prices starting from a minimum of Rs. 100. All you need to do is buy one (or more) and check the papers to see if you won a prize or not. 

Let’s say you bought a bond for Rs. 750 with Rs. 15 million as the first cash prize. Undoubtedly it is a long shot to win the first cash prize. However, if you do not win a bond prize, you can keep it as a substitute option for cash too. 

5- Gold 

Even at its lowest, gold is always a winning investment in Pakistan. Currently, gold is being sold for Rs. 107770 per gram while the price of gold is Rs. 125700 per tola! 

Each year gold prices increase, resulting in a high ratio of returns too. Try to invest in gold or gold biscuits because it is a sound investment with maximum return. Also, you can invest in silver or diamonds. 


If you are confused about which small opportunity to try for your first investment, opt for real estate plots in major cities like Multan, Lahore, and Islamabad. Compare the price rates for plots for sale in the residential and commercial sectors. A properly planned investment guarantees higher ROI in the near foreseeable future.

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