5 Famous Cartoon Girls of All Time

Cartoon Girls

Girls cartoons are animated shows that speak to the unique interests of young girls. From cartoons featuring female superheroes like DC Super Hero Girls to silly school tales like Bunnicula, there is something for every kind of young girl to enjoy. By providing positive role models and exciting storylines, these entertaining and inspiring shows can help girls develop confidence and explore their interests in a safe environment.

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Directed by Clyde Geronimi in Disney’s classic 1959 animated feature film, Sleeping Beauty. Aurora is a beautiful princess who falls under the spell of an evil fairy’s curse, which causes her to fall into a deep sleep for many years until she is eventually rescued by a handsome prince. Aurora is known for her grace and beauty, as well as her strong sense of virtue and duty.


Tiana is the main character of Disney’s Princess and the Frog. She is a hard working, determined young woman who dreams of owning her own restaurant. Despite the obstacles she encounters along the way, her determination and strong work ethic help her to achieve her goals. Tiana is a modern princess who displays strength, courage, and perseverance throughout the film. She is one of the famous babes characters from cartoons in our list.


Rogers created this female character in the film Beauty and the Beast. A bright, courageous and beautiful young woman, she is taken prisoner by a frightening beast and soon discovers that he has been cursed with an enchantment. She later helps him to break the spell before they fall in love. In addition to being kind-hearted and generous, incredibly intelligent and loves to read books.


Carl Binder Susannah Grant Philip LaZebnik created Pocahontas in the film Pocahontas. She is based on a historical figure of the same name, who was an indigenous American woman from Virginia. In the movie, she is depicted as an independent and strong-willed young woman with a spiritual connection to nature. She strives to bring peace between her people and the settlers of Jamestown by showing that their differences can be overcome through kindness and understanding. You can also check some sexiest girls from anime.

Foxxy Love (Drawn Together)

Foxxy Love is a cartoon character from the animated series Drawn Together. She is a parody of stereotypical black women characters found in many sitcoms and cartoons. She is sassy, sarcastic and often uses her body to manipulate people. Foxxy has an affinity for singing, dancing and partying, as well as solving mysteries with her sidekick Spanky Ham.

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