5 Fun Facts About Escape Room The Game

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Escape room the game has become quite popular games worldwide. But there are still people who don’t know much about this great thing. 

Escape room the game is basically an interesting real-life game. You can play with a group of people or sometimes even by yourself in a locked room with puzzles. In order to get out of the room, you have to solve all of the puzzles in the time given. All rooms have a theme, and the puzzles always have something to do with that. It’s just a summary, but there are a lot of interesting facts about escape rooms that aren’t in summary. Escape games are worth paying attention to because they combine adventure with real knowledge. Now, it is something that is both fun and interesting.

Some of the most popular Escape rooms are: 

  • The Mr. X Mystery House in Shanghai
  • Skurrilum – Hamburg, Germany
  • Roomscape -Stockholm Sweden

Have you ever talked about escape rooms with friends or other people you know? Some of them probably already know about this, while it will be new for others. Want your friend to grow interest and keep them interested in a conversation like this? Well, look over these fun facts about escape room games and use them as needed and this might help with a discussion at some point.

5 Fun Escape Room The Game Facts!

Escape rooms have become very popular and have a big business behind them. Many people still don’t know much about them. So, we put together a list of the most interesting facts about escape rooms, which we love so much.

  1. A video game-inspired escape room!

It might surprise you to learn that the idea for escape rooms came from a video game. Crimson Rush was the game’s name, and Toshimitsu Takagi made it in 2004. In the video game, you are stuck in a red room and have to figure out a series of clues—23 in all—to get out. The first escape room opened in Japan in 2007, and it was based on this game. The company SCRAP made it. It was made by Takao Kato.

  1. Putting on an escape room is a labor of love.

Even if they are very popular, escape rooms don’t make much money. Most of the rooms are owned and run by families, and they only make about $125,000 a year. It’s not unusual for these places to only be open on weekends or by appointment. It can be hard to get a bank loan to start this kind of business because loan officers aren’t sure what business these rooms are.

  1. It’s not a game for kids.

You should know one thing about private escape rooms in the real world. Don’t count on winning easily, or you might be very upset. Many teams don’t even come close to being able to open that door. It’s never a tragedy, though. It’s just a good reason to try again. Work together, do your best, stay motivated, and don’t let bad things get you down. It sounds like a way to live. Overall, escape games are great for people of all ages because they help them improve their ability to think critically and pay attention to details.

  1. Escape games are often used to help people work together.

Large companies often use escape rooms for team-building events. HR professionals know that competitive games are one of the best ways to get people to find ways to work together. Having several teams compete to see who can open the door the fastest is a great way to get company employees to work together better. First, they will have something to talk about after the game and might even find more things they have in common. Second, these newly formed teams may find better ways to work together that they can then take back to their offices.

  1. The longest escape game takes three hours. 

Most escape rooms last about an hour, and so do ours in London. We give you an exciting 60-minute countdown to escape. But the amount of time you have to play in each room is different. And they are very different. Do you know about Greece’s Paradox Project? It is  the longest escape room worldwide and this game can take up to 3 hours to finish! On the other hand, the shortest one is only 5 minutes long! It is called “The Chamber,” it is part of a pop-up haunted house in Connecticut, the USA, called “Evidence of Evil.”


Escape room the game is a fun way to spend the day. As the number of these businesses in the country grows, the number of different themes will increase. Some themes range from scary to funny. Some rooms are better for adults and rooms that the whole family can enjoy. They are safe, not too expensive, and don’t take more than an hour or a half to finish.

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