5 New Ideas for Custom Cookie Boxes Packaging

Custom Cookie Boxes Packaging

Today, the cookies are being served as snacks, desserts, and healthy treats. Considering they are heavily consumed all around the globe, you cannot afford to skimp on the packaging. The cookie boxes need to be spot on if you are to convince the customers with your confectionery products. Look for design ideas that make them appear more spectacular on the retail shelves. Also, carefully work on their functional aspect so as to ensure the perfect containment of delectable and healthy cookies.

Here are ideas to set your mark on the crowded cookie aisle with these packages.

1.  Re-Sealable Closures:

The customers purchasing cookies from your brand may not consume or serve them in a single go. They may want to consume them occasionally. It is, for this reason, they expect the brands to do something that assists them in the process. The best idea to cater to the needs of customers is to design cookie packaging with closures that are easy to re-seal. Ensure that they are airtight so as to keep the air factor out and preserve the freshness of edibles in the best way. Another perk of re-sealable closures is that they make the packaging highly portable and convenient. So, generate a sense of contentment in your target audience by designing the packaging with such closures.

2.  Simplistic Visual Elements:

Your cookie box design needs to grab the undivided attention of potential clients. Going bold can be an option, but it is better to stay away from it as so many brands are designing audacious packages. Give your box a minimalist look to connect with the customers in an ideal way. Unlike loud designs, the simple look never confuses the audience and portrays a clean and clear message. It does not prove costly to you as well which is great for your brand’s bottom line. So, prefer using clearer graphics, subdued colors, and modest typography for a stand-out impact on the shelves.

3.  Addition of Die-Cut Windows:

With die-cutting technology, you have the option to add cutout patterns on the packaging for cookies to make them pop. Cover the cut-out parts or windows with an explicit PVC material. Or, you can also keep it open to let the customers smell the aroma of delicious cookies. Unlike other design elements such as graphics or illustrations, they do not provide a hint of the packaged items. Rather, the target audience can have the visuals of the cookies contained inside. If you think customers expect more from you, create cookie boxes with windows in convincing shapes and patterns that impress them.

4.  Extraordinary Barrier Films:

As a confectionery brand, your utmost responsibility is to prolong the shelf life of cookies. The more you succeed in this aspect, the more it is better to drive you excessive revenue. Consider the use of high-barrier films on the packages. The barrier films like PP and PE are a proven method to curtail the amount of oxygen and other gases that enter the boxes. They are excellent at blocking heat and light to keep the original posture of eatables preserved. Packaging suppliers offer multiple laminations for packaging that provide maximum security while looking compelling at the same time. So, if you want to be distinctive and protective with your packaging, ask them about the options.

5.  Sustainable Packaging:

Considering the current market environment, the use of sustainable packaging designs has become indispensable. You can attract customers with functional and eye-catching boxes, but cannot persuade them for purchase unless you are providing sustainable solutions. So, choose recycled materials for the manufacturing of cookie packaging and use sustainable printing processes for their design. It is critical to make a positive impact on the potential clients who are willing to pay more for eco-friendly products.

The design ideas for cookie boxes are endless, but it is direly needed to opt for the ones that make sense to customers. Re-sealable packaging designs along with having protective films on the exterior texture are great. To ramp up the visual aspect, simplistic design elements and a die-cut window addition go a long way.

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