5 Points To Remember When Building Your Own Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

Did you decide to propose to your partner? Then it’s time to raise a toast. If she says yes then it’s all about the wedding that’s going to happen sooner or later! However, before you jump into planning your wedding, it’s essential to build your own engagement ring if you’re fascinated to have a personalized engagement ring for your partner.

Here are a few points to remember when building your engagement ring—

Get the best jeweler!

When you get the opportunity to showcase creativity, you have ample options from multiple avenues. However, whatever design you have on your mind, without the involvement of a professional jeweler, creating the ring will not be possible. Henceforth, start with finding a reliable jeweler, highly creative to offer you the best guidance to design your own engagement ring.

Have a realistic design on your mind

Your expectations of having a custom-made engagement ring should be realistically designed. If you have a design in your mind you can draw it on a piece of paper and share it with your jeweler. Now, let the jeweler understand your design first and then suggest some more ideas that you can add or eliminate to get a satisfactory ring design.

What is the choice of your partner?

Even if you desire to surprise your partner by offering him a personalized ring, you should be concerned about the choices of your partner. It’s important to kneel with a wow ring when you want a “yes” from your partner. Make sure that along with prioritizing your choice, you have also put your best efforts into custom-making the engagement ring that your partner always desired to have.

For instance, if this person has ever revealed their liking for a solitaire diamond ring on a rose gold base, you can use that idea while finding the ideal engagement ring. Your partner will appreciate your endeavor for making them feel special.

Go for a solitaire diamond ring

Whether they agree or disagree, women love receiving a diamond engagement ring always. Therefore, if you want a YES, then you can try to exceed your budget a little more to get a large solitaire ring with a princess cut for your lady! Make sure that the jeweler has guided you well. Choose platinum or white gold if you’re more into keeping the ring sophisticated. Diamonds look livelier on white metals. 

Educate yourself about the 4Cs of the diamonds while purchasing the ring. The jeweler must offer you a certificate mentioning the carat, cut, color, and clarity of the diamonds. Having a certificate in diamonds as well as precious metals is mandatory.

The ring should complement your wedding ring!

Sooner or later when you guys will be hitched then your partner might wear the engagement rings along with the women’s or mens wedding bands. Therefore, be more specific when buying the engagement ring.

Finally, when looking for a customized ring, you should consult a designer. Jewelry designers provide unique designs for their clients.

These ideas might help you to get the best-personalized engagement ring.

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