So, since we’re all about catering to every kind of sneakerhead in the game, let’s talk copping Yeezys. But, without a sneaker bot. Although we don’t really understand why someone would go through the hassle to buy Yeezy sneakers without a sneaker bot. However, we’re not here to make judgments. Still, if we’re gonna do this, we might as well weigh the pros and cons of this entire no-bot concept. 


– You save the cost of a bot, the proxies, and possibly the cost of renting a server too

– You MIGHT buy Yeezy at retail

How to Buy Yeezys Sneakers Without a Sneaker Bot – AIO BotCONS OF COPPING WITHOUT A BOT

– You can kiss regional releases goodbye

– It will be 100 times harder to cop in bulk

– Odds are you’ll only get only a single pair

– You definitely won’t become a sneaker reseller

– This means you won’t be able to make money on resale

– Actually, you might have to buy Yeezy on the resale market

– It is gonna require a lot more work on your part (physically & mentally)

– There’s a HUGE possibility you’re gonna leave your house to get the job done

We know that this seems like a very biased list on our part. But, we’re just being real with you, fam! As much as you might think that botting is NOT for you. Copping without a bot is just not it anymore. But, we’ll let you judge. Here are the 5 time-proven ways to buy Yeezy WITHOUT A BOT!



How to Buy Yeezy Without a Sneaker Bot I – AIO Bot Before you get all offended about the thought of resale, you gotta be open to all the non-botting options! But, if you buy Yeezy on resale, it isn’t THAT bad – well, not anymore. In fact, you can get a lot of pairs below retail! Of course, this does not include super hyped Yeezy releases and a lot of the 350 colorways!

But, if you’ve got the money, you can buy any Yeezy you want – even at a price premium. Of course, Yeezy resale prices can be a bit excessive at times especially compared to their retail. But, when there are bots in the online race, it’s hard to beat them! Click here for all the best online sneaker marketplaces to buy Yeezy sneakers on Forstepstyle !


Next, you’ve got the in-store option to buy Yeezy sneakers without a sneaker bot. However, with everything that has happened with COVID and all, you’ve got better luck in the resale market. The days of camping storefront with a bag of Cheetos, a pissing bottle,  and a tent are long gone. That’s the kind of brutality that turns men into soldiers… Or, better yet, sneaker resellers. 

But, nowadays, a lot of stores like FootLocker offer in-store pickup after sneaker raffles only. With everything going on, we don’t know when full-blown in-store releases would ever be back. But, regardless, the stores still have the “one pair per person” policy – pandemic or not! So, if you want more than one pair, you’re gonna have to get a camp out buddy.


Buy YZY Online II – AIO_BotSo, this brings us to sneaker raffles – a good way to buy Yeezy without a sneaker bot! There are many online raffle platform options that you can check out. Whether it’s an online raffle, on social media, or even an in-store pick-up one! It all works. But, to boost your chances, you’re supposed to enter as many times as possible!

Of course, that’s not technically possible unless you have a raffle bot. But, you can also try using multiple accounts or use a friend? Just make sure you know your Yeezy size right, and pray to the sneaker lords you win! It’s a 50/50 opportunity worth filling a form for.


And then, we’ve got the big guns: Yeezy plugs, connections, and knowing the right people! Being in the right place at the right time can be a game-changer! Having an inside sneaker plug could get you exclusive access, backdoor action (wink wink), and a lot more. So, if you have a plug you can buy Yeezy without a sneaker bot. You’ll flex a ton! But, unless you’re SUPER tight with this plug, you won’t be flipping much. 

So, that guy who works at your favorite outlet or streetwear store is your new best friend. They can reserve you a pair of Yeezys ahead of its release date.


Buy YZY Online – AIO_BotFinally, the last way to buy Yeezy without a sneaker bot is through ATC (add-to-cart) or pre-ordering services. You can find these online services and pay them to be your own online personal shopper. If this sounds all too familiar to you, it’s because this is basically like using a sneaker bot! So, it kinda defeats the purpose of not using a bot!

However, ATC or pre-order services don’t charge you unless they check out the item you want! If you’re interested in giving this method a shot, you can find ATC services here. BUT, keep in mind though that you will be spending possibly a good amount of cash on them. In addition to giving out your shipping and billing information. So we recommend that you double-check the service you’re planning to buy before you let your guard down. Can’t be too safe on the web.

Oh, and if you buy Yeezy sneakers through these services, you should know that they probably use sneaker bots! How else would they cop all these hyped pairs for people like you? So, if that still goes against your belief system, you might want to scratch this one off your list. Or, you know, change what you believe in.


In a nutshell, now you have to see the allure of a sneaker bot! Or else, why would so many people be rushing to get into botting in the first place. And, if you think it’s too difficult and expensive, that’s all just a  myth! In fact, you can find cheap sneaker bots that are some of the best in the game! Even in the long run, a sneaker bot guarantees cashback within a few sneaker drops! Depending on the release, plugs, and ATCs could be even pricier! 

And, although these options may seem like better alternatives to botting, one thing’s for sure: you won’t always be able to cop as many pairs as you like. So, if you’re planning to cop manually AND start a reselling business, you gotta pick one or the other. Because you can’t have both!

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