5 Reasons You Should Refer to NCERT Books for Board

NCERT books are the most important study material for the board examination. It strictly adheres to the CBSE(Central Board of Secondary Education) curriculum and follows the latest pattern of the examination.

The 2022-2023 board session has already begun in July. Most of the students who are preparing for the board examination are newbies. Plenty of books and study materials are available in the market to trick students in the name of scoring higher marks in the examination.

Nothing is a suitable study material than the NCERT books for the board examination. NCERT books are all sufficient in themselves to score higher marks in the examination. CBSE also recommends NCERT books as references for the board examination.

In this mini-blog, we will let you know with reasons why you should refer to NCERT books for the board examination.

It Strictly Follows CBSE Pattern

The most prominent reason to follow NCERT books is that they strictly follow the CBSE curriculum, which makes students aware of the latest examination pattern.

 NCERT books meet each guideline of the CBSE so that students can understand the chapters more easily. In the academic session of 2017-18, CBSE had asked affiliated schools to follow only NCERT books during the academic session strictly.  

Questions Directly Asked From the NCERT Books

As we mentioned earlier, NCERT strictly follows the CBSE curriculum. The questions set in the board examination directly come from the NCERT books. More than 70 to 80 percent of questions are repeated in the examination, and the remaining questions are asked on the same syllabus pattern with the language manipulation. 

So students must cover the chapters and topics of the NCERT books carefully to attain maximum marks in the examination. If you go through all the chapters and topics and want to practice more, you can also check the RD Sharma Solution for class 12 maths. Remember, touch the other reference book only when you have covered the entire NCERT book.

Framed By the Expert

Students can blindly follow the NCERT books for their reference as NCERT books are structured systematically by the experienced team keeping in mind that students can grab the concepts easily. The first edition of NCERT launched 50 years ago. Since then, academic experts have been modifying and touching each segment of the book. 

Easy to Understand

NCERT books serve extensive knowledge to the students irrespective of their intelligent quotient. One whose basic understanding is not clear can identify each concept himself. The step-by-step explanation of the chapters with practical examples helps students to boost their knowledge with confidence. Read also RD Sharma Solution for class 10.

Number of Questions for Practice

At the end of each chapter, you will get an exercise of questions like quizzes, fill-in-the-blanks, short questions, and long questions. You can practice these questions after completing each chapter. The questions asked in the examination are based on this pattern. To score maximum marks in the examination, students must rigorously practice these questions behind the chapters and analyze them with NCERT Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. What are the benefits of NCERT books?

Ans- Here are the following benefits of referring to NCERT books.

1. It follows the CBSE curriculum.

2. It provides in-depth knowledge of each chapter and topic.

3. Questions in the examination directly asked from the NCERT books. 

4. It is very important for all board examinations.

5. It provides numerous questions for practice.

Q2. Is NCERT important for the board examination?

Ans- Yes, NCERT itself is sufficient to score excellent marks in the examination.

Q3. Are additional exercises in NCERT important for boards?   

Ans- At the end of the chapter, the additional exercise gives to firm hold on the concepts and application.


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