5 Signs What You’ve Found the Right Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

Many cases of addiction are directly attributable to mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, among others. Therefore, for some people, the addiction started as a way to escape from the reality of what they are experiencing mentally. 

To effectively treat addiction, the underlying cause, mental issue, must also be addressed-this is dual diagnosis treatment.

Remember that going through drug rehab is only the first step in leading a healthier sober life. You should think about attending aa meetings in Tucson. Having a healthy support system which is full of people who have been through the same thing as you is sure to give you more confidence. They will also be very helpful when it comes to holding yourself accountable for your actions. Get help today and begin your journey.

Are you searching for a dual diagnosis treatment center? Have a look at these 5 signs to guide you in picking the right one:

1)Highly Qualified Professional Staff

Dealing with mental health and addiction simultaneously requires a calculated approach for effective recovery- this requires having all the necessary professionals to treat you and be on the journey to recovery with you for support and advice. Staff to expect at a dual treatment center should include doctors, psychiatrists, counselors, therapists, among others.

2) Variety of Treatment Programs

There are various options to look at when it comes to addiction treatment. Depending on your type of addiction and its severity, your doctor may recommend a method that best suits you. Common addiction treatment programs include;

  • Detox Treatment Program

A detox program is often the very first step in your treatment journey. Here, the chemical substances from the drugs you’ve taken are removed from your body. Your doctor usually looks at the drugs consumed, duration taken, and other medical conditions before the detox begin.

  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Convenience is something we all love to have. Having a dual diagnosis treatment center that offers you treatment while allowing you to go back home after treatment is something great because this means you can continue with your vital routines such as work and school.

  • Inpatient Care Treatment

Inpatient care will offer residential treatment at the facility and over-the-clock monitoring to provide timely assessments and attention when you require it. You can also enjoy individual and group therapies.

  • Sober Living Recovery

Going back home after dual diagnosis treatment may not be an option because of the many triggers you will experience. Therefore, you need enough time to spend in a supportive environment of your colleagues also recovering – this is why there’s a sober living recovery.

3) Health Insurance Accepted

Paying for your dual diagnosis treatment out of pocket may not be an option for several people because, let’s face it, treatments can be costly. Having a dual diagnosis center that can accept your insurance health provider is an added advantage! You want to access treatment and conveniently pay for it using the means you prefer.

4) Length of Time Program Will Take

Your aim for joining a dual diagnosis treatment center is to recover from mental health issues and the addiction you’re suffering from. Therefore, you need ample time to ensure that you go through the program effectively and efficiently.

 You do not want to rush through treatment because if you have committed your time and resources, why not make the most of it? Having a center that offers adequate time for effective program coverage should guide you in choosing the right treatment center.

5) Necessary Accreditation Certifications

When it comes to getting the best in healthcare, we all want the assurance that we are dealing with someone proven to offer solutions to our problems. Dual diagnosis treatment centers must be vetted and approved by the relevant regulatory bodies in mental health and substance abuse. Therefore, ensure you for an accreditation certificate before enrolling yourself or your loved one into any program.

Have You Found a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center Yet?

Getting the right dual diagnosis treatment center is crucial in your recovery. Therefore, you should ensure you get a center with qualified staff, various treatment programs, accept varied health insurances, offer good recovery time, and are certified.

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