5 things every independent woman must have before turning 30

As an independent woman nearing her 30s, there are a lot of things that people will expect from you. Find a partner, get married, have kids, settle down, etc. But keeping all those opinions aside, here is what you really to possess before you touch that 30-something line.

  1. A place of her own

At 30, irrespective of whether you’re married or not, you should have a place of your own. It doesn’t have to be owned; it could be rented, but it should be yours. A place that only belongs to you so in case of disagreements with parents or spouse, you’re not left feeling that you’re dependent on anyone for a roof over your head. Once you land a job, it is the first thing you that you need to do: get a place of your own so you’ll be your own boss.

  • Diamond jewellery

It feels great to be gifted diamond jewellery. But you know what feels even better? Buying it for yourself. Typically, around 30 you must have worked for a couple of years so you must have savings. Use a little portion of them to treat yourself for all the hard work you’re doing. You could buy lovely Lab grown diamond rings for yourself or a beautiful pendant. Chances are you’ll already be wearing a diamond ring on your left ring finger. But trust us, it will feel even better to have one that you have bought for yourself on your right ring finger.

  • A fully functional toolbox

For most little girls, (and when we say little we mean as long as you live with your parents) Daddy always helps out with the technical, mechanical problems like, fixing a car, repairing something, plumbing, carpentry, and other such tasks around the house. But now Daddy’s little girl needs to grow up and do them herself. So one important thing that she needs to have is an efficient and functional toolbox. Learn to ‘adult’ yourself, of course with help from Mom and Dad.

  • Personal bank account

This is really basic. You need to have your own money. Money that no one can touch without your permission; be it your parents or your spouse. Before 30, you should have your personal bank account that you manage all by yourself. If you have a job, then this comes automatically. But even for those studying or pursuing those long careers, hobbies or freelancing, this is extremely important. Total financial independence is what you should be aiming for before 30.

  • Health insurance

Yes, you hear us right. No matter how healthy you think you are and believe that you are in the prime of health and sexuality, it is important to have your health insured. You’d get wedding rings Hatton Gardeninsured, right? Then why not your health? Medical facilities are expensive and one such unexpected event could ruin all your financial plans. Anything could go wrong and you need to be secure and prepared for that sort of situation.

Get your checklist out and tick on the things you’ve got right so far. It’s time to give that independence a real meaning now.

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