5 ways by which to improve your customer satisfaction

improve your customer satisfaction

Everyone talks about improving customer satisfaction. But why is it so relevant?

A high level of customer satisfaction can save you money. Keeping an existing customer is always cheaper than winning a new customer. In addition, happy customers are less price sensitive when you adjust your product prices.

Also bad experiences are remembered longer and are shared more often, for example on various review platforms. So a happy customer is a loyal customer and a loyal customer is a return customer. In light of that here are five tips on how you can improve your customer satisfaction

  • Show your customers your appreciation.
  • Support your customers with learning content.
  • Make things easy for your customers.
  • Always keep your customers in loop.
  • Stay available.

Show your customers your appreciation

The customer is king. This saying goes back a long way, and yet there is truth behind it today. The customer wants to be valued and respected with his concerns. Think about how you can convey this appreciation to him. A variant is a personal discount or a greeting card for Christmas.

Support your customers with learning content

Information can help the customer fix a small problem. Or they even prevent complications from developing. Typical and useful learning content is, for example, FAQs, videos or graphics. Frequently asked questions are worked out for FAQs and the customer can read them up. Videos and graphics can depict and explain functions, applications or processes.

This is not only positive for the customer, but also takes the pressure off your customer service. Customer service saves time and can use it for other matters.

Make things easy for your customers

In the e-commerce industry in particular, the top priority is to make things as easy as possible for the customer. But usability is also essential in all other areas. The product or service should be structured so that it is easy to understand. Customer service should also function smoothly. If the customer is passed on frequently, he has to repeat his request again and again and has to wait a long time for the solution, this will reduce his satisfaction.

Always keep your customers in loop 

Bring your customers up to date on a regular basis. Your customers will be happy to receive a small update. For example, if the order status changes or the request is processed. But you should also announce changes. If the order is delayed or the prices change, this must be communicated to the customer. Even if the news is negative, it gives the customer a satisfied feeling of being informed.

Stay Available

The constant availability is a curse and a blessing at the same time. But the customer expects professional telephone service. By that we mean a toll free number. Nowadays it is very easy for any business to get a toll free number and they usually start with 08 no matter where you are in the world so it’s easy for customers to remember them. Most common toll free numbers are 0800 and 0844 and they denote the location of the business, for example 0844 means business is located in area code 844 and that is North America. But the best part is nowadays customers can call toll free from anywhere in the world.


Businesses are getting more and more competitive in this age of globalization. This means only those businesses survive who go up and beyond to make their customers happy. Having a good product is not enough nowadays. You need to have good marketing before that and guaranteed customer satisfaction afterwards to make your business viable.

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