5 Ways That Earning Your CPR Certification Can Help You With Employee Health!

CPR Certification

First aid skills can save lives and also help protect your business. If an employee suffers a medical emergency at the business establishment, you might be held liable. That’s why first aid skills like CPR are important. In workplaces where you and some of your employees are certified in first aid care greatly improves employee health.

The best way to motivate employees is to care for their welfare. This improves productivity, morale, and employee retention. Knowing the business cares for their health through the availability of first aid kits and skills will greatly motivate them. Below we look at the five key ways that earning your CPR certification online can help you with employee health.

Preparedness and Healthy Workforce

When you get CPT certified, you are prepared for any emergency that requires CPR. The training allows you to recognize when CPR is needed, as well as provide an understanding of the basics of how it works. CPR certification can help reduce the time spent recuperating thus reducing lost hours due to cardiac arrests. Having CPR training at work doesn’t just benefit the employees but also has a positive impact on the business.

Motivation, Competence and Higher Productivity

Employee health is a very important factor related to the overall productivity of your business. When you have CPR certifications, you show them that you care about them. Empowerment and welfare are cited as the best motivators in workplaces, over wages, thus increasing employee loyalty and engagement. When employees know their employer cares for them, they tend to be more productive and motivated.

CPR Certification and Decreased Health Care Costs

Research shows that companies with CPR-trained owners and employees see lower insurance premiums than companies with untrained workers do. Businesses can also see lower health care costs by having less sick time taken by employees who’ve had heart attacks or strokes. The cost savings may be small for small businesses but can be substantial for large companies or over time.

Faster Recovery of Employees

If an employee suffers from a cardiac arrest at the workplace, their rate of recovery and survival is greatly enhanced by timely CPR. Their trauma is also reduced, ensuring they come back healthy. The business benefits from lesser lost hours since employees who receive CPR recover faster and can get back to work. Your CPR certification will save your employees’ lives and ensure they get back to their productive selves faster.

Compliance with State Laws with CPR Certification

You are responsible for the health and safety of your employees. Some states require first aid certification as well as CPR certification for businesses to be compliant with state regulations. Your CPR certification ensures your business is compliant with public health regulations. Compliance helps reduce the costs of the business through fines and litigations while safeguarding the health of your employees.

The health of your employees is a significant factor in profit and productivity. They will know they are covered in case of emergencies and improve their productivity through motivation. Earning your CPR certification will help you with employee health, as well as improve business productivity, profitability, and employee retention.

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