5 Ways To Be Popular On Twitter

Be Popular On Twitter

In a planet without limits, it is critical to establish a footprint that surpasses geographical boundaries. Twitter is now essential for the profitability of your digital existence if done correctly. 

The great thing is there are quite a few strategies to increase your following count and get successful on Twitter. You should purchase real Twitter followers from SocialPros.io to get started and establish your brand on the platform. In this article, we will check out 5 ways to be popular on Twitter and to gain more engagement on Twitter.

  • Interact with your Audience

Delivering a reply tweet might be the utmost impactful and efficient, especially if they’ve retweeted you or mentioned you in a piece that might spark a dialogue. Reacting whenever anyone tweets you not just solely raises the likelihood that they will react in a certain manner to your response, but it also enhances the probability that they will interact with your postings in the long term.

Responding and engaging with the existing demographic can be especially difficult for huge organizations or those with a high level of interaction but trying your utmost to answer in a certain form whenever a client tweets to your brand can be a long-term investment of your time. While dealing with complaints or dissatisfied consumers, consider it a responsibility to reply to customers as quickly as feasible to gain more engagement on Twitter.

  • Tweet and Upload at Peak Hours

By discovering busy intervals and uploading around them, you’ll receive additional visitors and are more certain to generate interaction and shares on your content. There’ll be times of the day or weeks when many of the consumers will be engaged on the platform or quite inclined to interact with your tweets. 

Consequently, your best uploading hours may vary; evaluating how your tweets succeed at varied hours will be the ideal method to understand which times function well for your viewers. 

According to certain research, publishing from 12:00 to 3:00 on weekdays is the finest time. Most of the research found that publishing throughout the daytime hours resulted in the highest involvement.

  • Try Images, Videos, and GIFs

Human beings are drawn to the sight of fellow individuals. Throughout the Web, people appear to be drawn to cat and kitten faces as well. Tweets with pictures get far more responses than tweets without images, and videos are considerably more efficient. 

GIFs, on the other hand, may draw a larger viewership if handled correctly. Make certain that the picture you select is appealing, interesting, and relevant to your content. Sometimes words in a picture perform more effectively than words in a tweet. 

Do not feel afraid to mention folks in the photograph if you believe they’ll consider it interesting. You might have a successful combo if the wording in the tweets and the words in the picture complement one another.

  • Go Live

Livestream tweeting is generally whenever someone shares their comments to an occurrence as it unfolds, be it amusement or the latest headlines. It’s quite common to find the trending section packed with relevant subjects on occasions like these. 

Livestream tweeting is more usually associated with television broadcasts and aired engagements. While live-tweeting or utilizing numerous posts for the identical issue, make them reply to the first tweet. Consumers will be able to track the full dialogue more easily as a result of this approach and consequently, you will be able to gain more engagement on Twitter.

If you’re planning an activity and expect your guests to live tweet regarding it, make your customized hashtags for the occasion and distribute it with them so people can circulate and join it.

  • Use Relevant Hashtags

Many companies use hot issues to add to the discourse or market their services. Tags are identifiable distinguishing characters or expressions that bring together several tweets. They’re an excellent method to broaden the reach of your material outside your existing audience. 

Employ hashtags that are related to your product exclusively. You must also restrict the number of hashtags you apply. Consumers are less inclined to connect with your material if you utilize a lot of hashtags, given they’ll think your postings are clickbait. 

You may also make your customized hashtags to attract the intended demographic to your company or activities.


Although Facebook rules the online world, Twitter is a significant platform for global interaction and developing your network. Twitter is a fantastic resource for staying updated and driving audiences to digital domains. More significantly, it assists you in developing ties with your target demographic and selling your services/products to them. 

Among the 336 million regular Twitter consumers, being successful on Twitter may appear to be a difficult undertaking. As previously said, you can simply get cheap Twitter followers from Viralyft.com to gain more engagement on Twitter. However, the above listed are among the easiest and most effective ways to quickly get popular on Twitter.

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