5 ways to style men’s zip-up hoodies just right

If you’re a stylish guy who’s into looking good, then chances are that you have a few men’s zip-up hoodies and men’s round-neck sweatshirtssitting at home or in your closet. Hoodies have been gaining popularity for the past five years and it seems no one is indifferent to them. From celebrities to rappers, style-savvy men can finally look cool without being uncomfortable.

Fashion designers have been giving more attention to the zip-up hoodie lately too – from Pantone Colors to Fashion Week events, black is still black and grey with a pattern that can still be a hit with guys everywhere. Men’s round-neck sweatshirts have also earned their rightful spots in the fashion scene.

The zip-up hoodie has been a huge hit for men worldwide because it acts as a perfect complement to your outfit, especially to the traditional men’s round-neck sweatshirts. It covers the defined chest and shoulders, keeping out the cold and keeping in the warmth. From casual to formal events, you can still look suave and stylish when wearing a hoodie. It’s almost like an essential accessory.

But if you’re one of those people who love styling their men’s zip-up hoodies in different ways, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we’ll give you some styling tips by showing you which zip-up hoodies go well with certain styles and how to style them perfectly for different men’s styles.

Up next, you can find five of the top ways to style men’s zip-up hoodies to win over the fashion scene, this season. Most of these looks would not even require a trip to the shopping mall, you’d be surprised how helpful a few tips and tricks can be upping your fashion game!

1.  Low Key & Casual

There used to be a time when wearing a black zip-up hoodie would send alarm bells ringing in local neighbourhoods. Black zip-up hoodies have been the classic outfits for robbers and criminals alike.  But as scary as that sounds for your social standing, the black zip-up hoodie can be styled for some of the best looks for men.

So let’s get right down to the first look for men’s zip-up hoodies; the low key and casual look. This one look can be used for a casual day at the grocery store, a quick stroll in the park or just for a fun day to chill with friends. You can style your black zip-up hoodie with a simple white crew-neck t-shirt and faded blue denim jeans. Also, you can pair the hoodie with men’s round-neck sweatshirts, i.e. if the temperatures have dropped. Add your favourite pair of sneakers to complete the casual look.

2.  The Not-So Casual Look

Our classic ‘’not so casual’’ look is the perfect blend of casual, style and sass for men who don’t want to look too casual, yet feel as comfortable as they would in a completely casual look. While the first option is quite simple, this kind of hoodie is more suitable for those who can’t be bothered to put in much effort to look good but still need to look like they did put in the effort.

This one look involves styling neutral coloured zip-up hoodies (preferably grey) with chinos and a pair of box-fresh trainers. To add more spice to this look, you can also add a jacket or an overcoat on top of the hoodie. While effortless, this look not only looks vogue but is also perfect for semi-formal events.

3.  The Romantic Look

Contrary to popular belief, the zip-up hoodie can also be used to pull off a romantic look. This one is perfect for those who want to look dashing as well as romantic throughout the night out on a date night but want to hold on tight to the comfort of their zip-up hoodies.

This is a tried and tested look, so don’t worry. You can pair a black coloured zip-up hoodie with tailored pants or even straight-legged jeans. Throw on a leather jacket on top of the hoodie and your best trainers.

When it comes to this kind of style, the key is the look on your face as well as what you pair it with. This is not an easy-to-do look, but if you do it right, don’t forget to show off that gorgeous smile and those sexy dimples. This outfit is a tried and tested combination to win the hearts of girls.


4. The Fashionable Look

This kind of outfit is suitable for guys who want to downplay their style and still look decent enough to be considered stylish – no matter if they plan on going out with friends or attending a more formal event. For this look, find yourself a neutral coloured zip-up hoodie, we would suggest ivory or cream coloured one.

You can pair your cream coloured zip-up hoodie with tailored trousers and sports luxe sneakers. If you are feeling tenacious, you can also opt for patterned trousers.

5. The Feeling of Being Put On the Spot

To put it simply, this kind of a look requires you to wear your zip-up hoodie to be worn with a fitted shirt and very tight jeans. The tighter the jeans and the fitted shirt, the better it looks – and it’s definitely accurate for weekend wear. Wear it to any type of party you want – from casual ones to those that require a bit more formal dress code.

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