5 Women’s Pant Styles for 2022

Women's Pant Styles

A boom in working from home has seen pants in 2022 getting very comfortable. 2022 sees several dress-up pants in style for those of us going out on the town, too. Channel cottagecore, pajamas, or loungewear for your day at home, then opt for velvet or leather as the sun sets. This year, comfort is key; 2022 fashion trends for women see designers drawing on everything from cozy retro cuts to comfy modern fabrics. Here’s a breakdown of five of the strongest pant trends this year.

Cottagecore Style

Straight from the rolling hills of middle England, cottagecore takes its cues from countryside heritage staples. For fabrics, think tweed for fall and winter and linen for spring and summer. For shape, think a tapered hemline sitting just above the ankle. You can opt to wear with these brogues or plimsolls and team the top half with a fitted jacket and crisp white shirt or floral-print blouse. Colors for cottagecore pants should be warm; for example, brown, red, or cream, or you can wear a neutral such as black.

The Lounge Pant

You have a choice of which department to buy your lounge pants from — either the nightwear or daywear sections of the store. Pajamas have been seeing a resurgence on the catwalk lately and many Jersey pajama bottoms in grays, blacks, or camel colors will double up as a daytime staple. Depending on what you have on, you can match your lounge pant with a Jersey sweater or loose-fit blouse worn under a crew neck sweater.

Checkered Pants

As sported by Taylor Swift in her “Blank Space” music video, the checkered pant should be slim-fit and sit just above the ankle or a few inches below the knee. Wear them with white plimsolls or lace-up flats and a matching roll-neck jumper or crew-neck sweater. Checkered patterns allow for a few different color choices, so it’s a simple way to add a splash of color to your look. Go for a pillbox red or canary yellow without going over the top.

Velvet Pants

Velvet has been huge in home interiors this year, and that trend now extends to fashion. The velvet pant is strictly for evening, and you can wear them with a slinky lace camisole or shiny satin blouse — both matching the pants in color. This style has its roots in the 1970s women’s retro style, so your shape should be slightly flared or boot-cut. Wear with heels, a Mary Jane, or strappy sandals. Alternately you can wear them with a heeled riding boot. Flicked hairstyles courtesy of Farrah Fawcett are optional, but not off the table if you wish to go all out.

There are an array of pant styles to choose from in 2022. You can choose a style that suits existing items in your wardrobe to make the pant styles of 2022 your own. Whatever you opt for, make 2022 a year for comfort, because when you look good, you feel good, too.

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