6 Best CBD Chocolates: Your Buyer’s Guide (2022)

CBD Chocolates

Although you can’t even imagine chocolate getting better, it can! If you infuse it with the beloved and much more beneficial side to marijuana, CBD, you get a product that everyone wants a bite of! There’s nothing more delicious and satisfying than ending your evening with a cube or two of your favorite chocolate bar, but you can make it even more relaxing if you feel CBD in it. 

Besides helping you reach that relaxed and calm state, it’s a pretty sweet way to improve your health and mental well-being. CBD chocolate is overtaking the cannabis industry and is becoming the most popular supplement of 2022! If you want to learn more about the top competitors for 2022 when it comes to CBD-infused chocolaty goodness, continue below. 

Top 6 Best CBD Chocolates to Try in 2022! 

Since CBD products got the top spot as a health supplement, it offers many advantages. Everything from treating chronic pain to decreasing anxiety, you can get all that from CBD chocolate! If you’re looking for the best cannabis products, don’t forget to shop online at Secretsmoke!

And if you don’t know what to choose, here’s the top mouth-watering CBD chocolate to sink your teeth into it in 2022! 

CBD Living 

Sometimes the simpler the product, the shinier the results, and that saying holds true for CBD Living. This chocolate bar does not need much advertising as those who’ve tasted it will surely recommend it to their friends. It’s basically a bar of dark chocolate infused with 200mg of CBD. 

Those who’ve tried CBD living state that they felt the CBD absorbed into the chocolate, and the flavor gives out a hempy scent! It also smells of rich, delicious cocoa, which just enriches the whole experience. 

Grön CBD Dark Salted Chocolate

If you want a literal translation of this savory sweetness, it basically means “the green chocolate”! It’s one of the best only Swedish chocolates can offer, with 200mg of CBD and salted dark chocolate! 

It’s pretty intense in taste, and it gives out an incredible cocoa smell. It’s said to help out with stress relief, sleep support, and mood swing eliminator! It might be on the pricier side, but this exotic chocolate bar is worth every penny, especially after you taste it and finally rest your head peacefully on your pillow!

Green Roads CBD Chocolate 

Green Roads is a fairly new chocolate bar that just burst into the market. Coming from a reputable cannabis infusing-chocolate company, Green Roads is a hand-crafted dark chocolate bar with a CBD isolate. 

The chocolate does not contain any THC, but that means you can rest assured that you won’t be ‘under the influence’ once you take a bite. A single taste of this bar reminds you of top tier chocolate, and the CBD will just help you let loose after a long day. The best part about this incredible, high-quality chocolate is its affordable price of only $25. 

Therapeutic Treats 60MG CBD Pomegranate Bar

If you want to experience a therapy session alongside some sweet pieces of pomegranates, take a bite of this therapeutic treat masterpiece! It’s truly one of the best it has to offer, with pure milky white chocolaty goodness and full-spectrum CBD! 

Besides the real dried pomegranates, this chocolate includes terpenes as well. Once you take a bite, you’ll feel flavors of vanilla, organic pomegranates, milk, and raisins. It’s also vegan-suited with gluten-free, non-GMO, and organic! There’s even a little dose of THC with 4.20mg and 60mg of CBD! 

Raspberry Cinnamon CBD & THC Chocolate Bar 

If you want different flavors tickling your tongue with every bite, look no further than Therapeutic Treats Raspberry and Cinnamon Chocolate. This choco-bar contains full-spectrum CBD and small traces of THC and CBN for that sweet entourage effect! 

Unlike our other suggestions on the list, it’s more of a gourmet dark chocolate coming from an Ecuadorian rainforest. It’s superbly scrumptious because it contains real organic raspberries, cinnamon, and dark cocoa beans. It’s gluten-free, non-GMO, and absolutely yummy! 

Naturalis London CBD Milk Chocolate

A little something for those looking for luxury, there’s the Naturalis London CBD chocolate. It’s one of the top-notch infused milk chocolates in Europe, with 20 pieces of small candies wrapped up in a good-looking can. 

You should go easy with Naturalis as it contains a pretty high dose of CBD, and two are more than enough in a single sitting. There’s 5mg of CBD in a single piece, and it’s easy to go overboard because the milky goodness is so addictive! 

Coming from the British Isles, this natural brand is available at a reasonable price, and once you get the gorgeous packaging, everyone will want a bite! Make sure to remind them that even though good things come in small packages, these tiny chocolate drops are packed with CBD

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