6 Innovations for Surfers To Keep In Mind

Innovations for Surfers

Surfing conjures an image of people rising and falling with the swells until they find the right wave, at which point they pop up and ride the wave, just a human connected to a board. Though it’s true that, besides a board and perhaps a wetsuit, surfers don’t necessarily need anything else to enjoy their sport, surfing has long used other elements to help ensure a successful outing. Consider how many people used to call their community’s surf condition line before the internet made that information instantly accessible to anyone with a computer. Today, there are lots of innovations that surfers can access to get the most from their surfing experience.

1. Fat Tire E Bikes for the Beach

Between fat tire Ebikes for sale and surfboard bike racks, surfers never had it so easy getting down to the water. The fat tires are perfect for the sandy ground as they help riders to establish and maintain stability. The motor ensures that you won’t lose your momentum, so whether you’ve got a streamlined short board or a classic longboard, you’re good to go.

2. Hooded Towels: Change In and Out of Your Wetsuit with Ease

The beach can be a pretty empty place when it comes to finding cover to change your clothes. If you’ve got a hybrid electric bike with you, you could easily zip half a mile to the changing rooms. If not, consider the hooded towel. This body-protecting fabric will keep prying eyes from settling on you as you’re wrestling off your wetsuit or changing into your dry clothes.

3. Shark Repellent

Sharks have the reputation as the boogeyman of the sea. In truth, even though they surprise surfers from time to time, they are simply existing in their natural element, so they kinda get a bad rap. That said, sharp repellent can save a life. Sharks are an element that surfers can’t control. When they are confronted by the predators, shark repellent has proven its worth through the use of batteries, chemicals and magnets to keep sharks at bay.

4. Inflatable Vests

When a big wave collapses over the top of a surfer, that surfer absorbs the might of the sea. This energy can result in serious injury and even death. The inflatable vest is an apt innovation for rookie surfers and those veterans heading out to Nazare.

5. Smart Watches

They do more than keep surfers from being late. Smart watches can allow surfers to communicate with each other, check forecasts, surf and wind reports and even check surf cams.

6. Drone Safety

Though most surfers aren’t constantly thinking about potential dangers in the water, they do exist. Drones don’t simply capture the ebikes Newport Beach, they also capture what’s going on beneath the waves. Drones are dynamic devices that surfers and lifeguards can use to examine the waters for sharks, injured surfers and other potential hazards.

Like Patrick Swayze told Keanu Reeves in Point Break, surfing is the source. Though the basic elements are so perfect that they’ve pretty much remained the same for centuries, there always seems to be room for improvement when it comes to other aspects of the sport, like safety and convenience. Check out an online surf shop to see what else is out there for surfing innovations.

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