6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting A Dental Implant

We know that your dental implant will give you a greater sense of confidence and a new smile. But before you get one, make sure you have all the information about the procedure. So, if you are looking for dental implants in Plano, find out what questions you should be asking your dentist before getting them. 

Do you have any gum disease?

Gum disease is a severe problem that can lead to tooth loss. If you have gum disease, then you should avoid getting an implant. However, it would help if you got treatment for your gum disease before any dental work is done. This will ensure that the implant has a chance of survival.

Is it in your best financial interest to have an implant?

Deciding whether or not to get a dental implant is an important decision. Unfortunately, it is also a costly one. If you have financial concerns, getting the implant may not be in your best interest. You will also need to pay a monthly fee for the implant, depending on where you live.

What are the advantages of having a dental implant?

First, they allow patients with missing teeth to chew, speak, and usually smile again for several years.

How does a dental implant affect my health and lifestyle?

A dental implant is a tooth that is implanted into the jawbone. The implant can be made from titanium or other metals, but it will eventually fuse with the bone in your mouth and become natural. They won’t stay hard forever, and most people will need to have them replaced every 10-15 years. This doesn’t usually require surgery as the process can be done in the dentist’s office.

You should ask yourself if you have a condition that may affect your ability to take care of an implanted tooth. For instance, if you had diabetes, you would need to monitor your blood sugar levels closely because they could cause damage to the gums and bone around your implanted tooth.

How soon do you need a new tooth or teeth?

If you need a tooth or teeth very soon, an implant is probably not the best option. It takes time to recover from the procedure, and it’s not always successful if there isn’t enough time to heal. On the other hand, if you don’t need anything immediately, an implant may be the best option.

A dental implant is a type of orthodontic treatment that replaces a person’s missing tooth with an artificial tooth put in their mouth and attaches to the jawbone. There are two types of implants: endosteal (inside) and peri-implant (outside). The inside type can take 10-12 months to attach, while the outside type only takes 8-10 weeks. Implants are generally more expensive than other treatments, but they’re also more effective and less invasive.

Can you afford to maintain the procedure long-term?

An implant is a great way to replace teeth that have unfortunately been lost. However, it is essential to consider the costs as well. Their procedure is expensive, and any additional procedures or maintenance should be considered. Additionally, you need to ask yourself if you can afford the coverage for pre-existing conditions and the annual costs of routine dental care and regular visits to the dentist.

What are the chances of success with implants?

For someone missing one or more teeth and who has decided to get dental implant, they should first ask the chances of success. For many, it’s pretty high; the success rate can be as high as 98%, depending on whether you have enough jawbone density.

What are the symptoms of a failing implant?

Side effects of dental implants

One thing to watch out for with implants is side effects. This can include a feeling that something is caught in your throat, numbness in your tongue, dry mouth, a change in taste perception, and fatigue. Fortunately, these side effects usually go away after a few months and can often be controlled with medication.


In the end, you should consult a dentist before deciding to get dental implants. It is not true that they are only for people with missing teeth; they can also be used to solve other oral health problems like bite issues and TMJ disorder. So, if you are looking for the best dentist in Plano, choosing Pinnacle Dental is one of the most promising solutions for you. 

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