6 Reasons To Stay On Top Of Your Health

Reasons To Stay On Top Of Your Health

Keeping your health on track is a full-time job. It takes daily effort to keep your health in check, and it’s not always easy! While we all succumb to a mouth-watering dessert now and then, losing track of our healthy habits, in general, is not a good idea. Here are six reasons you need to stay on top of your health and keep your motivation strong. 

1. To Stress Less And Feel Better 

When we neglect our health, we feel stressed. Any aspect of health that is pushed aside is felt within the mind and body. There is even scientific evidence on how we store emotions within the body! We can work to reduce inflammation such as lower extremity lymphedema by taking care of ourselves on a total-person level. 

Everything is connected. To care for our health means to care for our whole person. In doing so, we stress less and enjoy life much more. The best part is that when we stress less, we also contribute to improving our health and reap the benefits of stress reduction on a physical and emotional level. 

2. To Stay Productive At Work

Keeping track of your health is essential because it influences many areas of your life outside of your health as well. Your work will suffer if you are not taking care of yourself. Staying productive is essential and part of financial survival. In the modern world, keeping tabs on your health can set you up for success at work! With better health, you’ll likely boost your productivity and do so with greater mental clarity than would ever be possible if you let your health go. 

3. To Live Longer

Most of us are looking for ways to increase our lifespan to live our lives fully, to be there for friends and family, and to feel at our best. To increase longevity, taking care of health is essential. Taking care of your health means working on building holistic habits that may increase your lifespan! 

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4. To Boost Happiness

It is easier to feel happier when you’re taking care of your health. So many things influence our mood, and a big one is how we feel. If we take care of ourselves and prioritize our health, we always have that component of the self to lean on as a source of feel-good feelings and inspiration. Boost your happiness by staying on top of your health. 

5. To Live With Purpose

Life is full of many activities that contribute to our sense of purpose. Our health is an integral part of what it means to be human, for good or bad. 

By staying on top of your health, you can honor this aspect of humanness and create positive outcomes for yourself across different areas of your life.

With better health, you’ll have more energy and interest in living your life with purpose. You’ll feel more inclined to follow through on your commitments and will feel more inclined to make a difference. 

6. To Care For Loving Relationships

When we care for our health and wellbeing, we give those we love more time to interact with us positively. We reduce our sick days and can be fully present with those we care for to make the most of our time together. Those we love deserve the best of us! 

The Bottom Line 

Staying on top of your health is about much more than fitting into a smaller pair of jeans. When we care for all aspects of our health, we care for our own needs and show up for those we love!

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